The Greater Good BBQ. A review part deux.

I had such a fantastic first time bbq experience at The Greater Good BBQ that I was excited to go back! I don't eat out often (and rarely do I go somewhere twice) so when I do my expectations are high. If you're charging me for food it had better be damn good. Go big or go home , right?

Second time around was a miss to say the least. I will tell you why this shocks me: BBQ competition in this town is epic as it is in my southern cities. If you can't hang you won't be able to pay your rent for long. 

The former beloved juicy fatty brisket was dry and overly trimmed. The greens lacked flavor and personality in general. The mac n cheese was as good as ever though. Creamy, flavorful sauce didn't split or get an oil slick, but the pulled pork was on the tougher side. It really did seem like an entirely different crew made this food. Consistency is key especially when you've got it right.  Staff seemed annoyed to have customers.  

I wanted my money back this time.