Woodfire Grill, oh how I love you.

Dear Woodfire Grill, 

After many times together I am writing to tell you how grateful I am that you never disappoint me. Your constant change yet consistent creativity satisfies every part of me as a diner.

Woodfire Grill to me does farm to table so right they set the standard in Atlanta. Absolutely an avid meat lover I still can say every vegetable and starch that appears on the menu and your plate is treated with as much respect, love and care as your protein. 

The pastry chef creates new interesting breads for the basket every two weeks. In the meantime makes a mean pot du creme.  Pastry chefs give life more pleasure. That's just me but who can deny the joy of a good piece of bread and butter or a perfect sweet treat at the end of a meal?

Do be prepared for a wee bit of smoke in the fine dining area. There is an active grill in there and it's roasting up vegetables, fish, meat, DUCK (as was deliciously served on my plate with hazelnuts and strawberries), pork and beef du jour. Chef Tyler is actively at the helm making sure each plate is perfect.   Honestly don't expect the  big WOW of your meal to be your entree/main. The starters are thoughtfully conceived,  impeccably plated and really impress the tastebuds. This is exactly why I come back here. I very VERY rarely revisit any restaurant but I can't keep away from this one.

Service always matches the food. Don't miss a hand crafted cocktail,  as this is farm to table and the drinks are as unique and delicious as the food.  French press coffee on your table for dessert is always a pleasure too. 

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