Double Zero. Revisit

Third time around was the unlucky charm. What's happened Double Zero?  

Chopped salad: Soggy as if it had been dressed earlier in the day, soupy, salami soft and gamey vs chewey and rich. Dressing unbalanced and overall disappointing bowl of food. 

Pork belly, changed up each season.  The belly itself delivered as usual but the risotto was a disaster.  Jalapeno pesto is a bad idea and worse when put into very undercooked risotto.  I am all for al dente but not HARD. Inedible. The beauty of this dish is the crispy pork against the contrast of a creamy side (polenta, risotto, etc) and in the past that's always been the case but not today. sigh. strike two. Jeez it's my birthday party again and this is not making it a happy one. 

Beet salad was delicious. Cool and flavorful. A saving grace at last! 

Dessert always is wonderful there. In the future it seems I have to leave Double Zero as strictly for desserts now.  




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