Food 101. It just keeps getting better.

Food 101 has stepped up the game of New South cuisine. 

Bone marrow is still on the menu. I can't imagine anyone is more happy than I am about this but go try and see if you can out happy me.   

Some night if you mosey in before 7 pm several wines by the glass are half off.  All the 101 Concepts have solid wine simply because the man who selects them knows his wines. 

Being a southern concept of course cornbread is in the bread basket along with tender yeast rolls. 

Duck breast over grits with figs? yes please. Crispy fried chicken with gravy (no bones so you can eat in polite company), homey mashed potatoes, tender crisp green beans and no glop slaw. Heaven is a plate of this south. 

Goat cheesecake with candied orange and pistachios is fantastic if you can take a little funk in your dessert. Smooth dense texture and nicely balance sweet to tang ratio.

Salted chocolate caramel cake is over the top decadent. Kahlua donut holes with shot of espresso is a nice flavor and texture way to end your meal. Our batch just a minute overcooked but still entirely delicious.