Health benefit of mushrooms

Similar to penicillin, mushrooms contain natural antibiotics that inhibit the growth of fungal infections.  Including them in your diet regularly will boost your body’s natural immune system and ward off common ailments. Ergothioneine is a powerful antioxidant unique to mushrooms. Ergothioneine is suggested to have the ability to provide relief from chronic inflammatory diseases as well. When left unchecked, inflammation can escalate into some forms of cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, periodontitis, COPD and hardening of the arteries.

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Essence of Vitality Herbal and Roots tonic

My get up and go could use a little kick in my butt so I am giving this powerful cleansing tonic a try. I have read repeated warniings of the harsh bitter taste but I am a trooper about these things. It's all in the name of health. A few seconds of pain for some big gains. Watch my theoretical tricks to get it down easier.  I am taking it every other day until the bottle is gone. Hoping to get more stamina when I run and rid my brain of the fog I have had for almost a week. I will update as events arise.

Update:  After the obligatory bathroom trips the next am I had a tremendous amount of energy right up until bedtime.

Lower blood pressure naturally

  To successfully break one habit we must replace it with another. My replacement choice? Herbal teas. Evening cocktails simply got to be a daily habit of having a special cup of something at days' end. My life is not stressful so I have no excuse for that habit.   Now when the sun goes down I have a cup or two of some damn delicious teas that happen to have very beneficial side effects. 

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One Vegan week is back! v2014

I have been about 80% vegetarian for 2 months now.   A nice side effect of a high nutrition diet is you don't really want things like sweets or dairy.  The body is so fulfilled with the nutrtion your food is providing it doesn't want anything else. Cravings are gone and energy is high (and skin more gorgeous than ever).  However a week of birthday celebrating which seems to always entail steaks went down this past week. I didn't enjoy it like I used to and cakes did not taste appealing to me at all.  Now is the perfect time to do a vegan week again. I know it's my popular blog series every year.  

Each day I will post at least one of my vegan inspired meals/snacks to tempt you to dip into healthier waters.

Today's vegan:

Marinated crispy baked tofu from The kitchn.

coupled with my favorite Dr. Furhman's orange cashew dressing as the dip.



Need to relax? The ultimate-flot away your cares if only for an hour

I learned about Flot Spa from a friend that went in and had the Flot experience a few months ago.  "What? You float in some water and don't sink or have to furiously move around to keep your head above water?"   Not exactly.

The spa itself is located on 12th street, a lovely area of midtown.  It's a cozy size. Two pod rooms, a men's and women's locker room, an esthetics room and a massage room. Aveda products are abundantly available for use and purchase. You will smell good at every step here as a result. 

The staff gives detailed and thorough instructions during your entire visit. I found the service and professionalism to be exceptional. Both by the front desk (also what I would consider a spa host) as well as the massage therapist.

Mr. R and I went with a hope of having a couples experience but the spa isn't set up for that. Don't let that stop you from going with someone. I went in for my massage first and Mr. R went in for his flot first.  Then we switched (the water is filtered for several minutes between floters).  I was escorted to the ladies locker room and instructed to disrobe and remove any makeup prior to my flot session.  Additionally there is a beautiful open but private shower in the pod room itself to clean off any massage oil or lotion residue you may have on your body, then rinse off again post flot. Why?

You see, the pod is only 12-14" of water deep. It is hypersaturated with magnesium salts thus why your body, including your head will effortlessly flot. The word pod may have you thinking smalll but it is not. I'd estimate it larger than a queen mattress.  The session is 50 minutes. I found that some of my exposed skin had a thin layer of salt that dried within about 30 minutes and made me just a tad itchy. Mr. R did not have this same experience so it appears to be a matter of skin sensitivity.  Both of us are rather tall, me 5'11 and he 6'3 but both found we were able to move around in the flot pod with arms over head (more crossed above the head) and legs able to move and cross ankles, bend knees, etc with no issue.  You will have on goggles and ear plugs during your flot. Do not open your mouth or lift your googles while in the water or it will interrupt your relaxation. Salt water in the mouth or eye isn't one of the more pleasant things in life.

Already relaxed from a superb massage I was escorted into the pod room and given detail intructrions how to flot, what to expect, options for music, light and a panic button should I need it.  Once alone I took off my robe and got under the beautiful shower and washed all the product out of my hair, conditioned  at the suggestion of the host, then stepped into the blue light pod of water. Ear plugs in, goggles on I laid back and sure enough every inch of me was suspended atop these few inches of water. It could have been 6 feet deep for all I knew once relaxed and weightless. I imagine if you're on the heavy side it would be heaven to feel so weightless. If you're on your feet often or just have an all around hectic life this will transport you to a different world for a time. Don't think, just flot.

I was more appreciative than ever of the cozy dimly lit spa post treatments. I was entirely relaxed and any superfluous noise or light would have killed my chill buzz. 

Bonus, that salt water relaxes your muscles so it's great after you had a rough workout or sports session. I slept 10 hours the night I floted. 

See you again soon, flot.

Add in interval running with intermittent fasting and you have a recipe to keep kicking high blood pressure's azz.

In intermittent fasting news, yes it's still the most effective part of my lifestyle to keep my blood pressure under control.  I've found a way to make those 500 calorie days a bit more of a breeze.  While I don't mind laying low twice a week it's not always practical when you are at the helm of multiple businesses.  What is this sorcery that staves off hunger for these 36 hours of self imposed calorie restriction? GG crispbread.  At no point will I claim them delicious but I am an adult and am not a slave to my palate like I am to my health. If I can tolerate vile tomatoes and red peppers I sure can deal with all bran crispbreads. especially when I can load them up with things like:

  • Whipped cream cheese and lox
  • nut butters
  • ricotta and parmesan
  • mayo and ham or turkey
  • nutella and bananas

Eat 4 of these with whatever on top gets it down the hatch with a whole lot of no calore liquids and there will be no growls coming from your belly.

I've gotten to enjoy them enough to eat them on non fasting days as well. Being regular is a wonderful thing.

I've been an interval running fool for quite a while now.  In addition to it keeping the blood pressure down it's also got me feeling fantastic day in day out AND no question the best outcome: ZERO BACK PROBLEMS since I began.  I've been plagued with a crooked spine that gets so out of whack at times I am immobile for up to two weeks unable to sleep, walk or work.  For me this has been priceless and gets me motivated most everyday to get moving at a higher level of intensity.