When I tell ANYONE in Atlanta that I've never been to Alon's the  gasps of shock are too countless to name at this point.  I do cook most of the food  I consume so why should it be a shock I don't frequent ready to eat bakeries and cafes?  Running 30 miles a week has sucked up some of my cooking time and increased my appetite so it's a perfect storm of needing some ready to eat fresh food.

Enter Alon's. Word on the street is the service is salty but food is consistently good. We're just here for the food, right?   Once you weed through all the outside tables and double entrance I found a deliciously spacious welcoming virtual wonderland of tasty bites. 

Today I have a sandwich in mind. After a long run my body wants some carbs and bread was on my brain. Too hot for cooked food today so I beelined to the sandwich spread. Surely a bakery has delicious bread surrounding equally tasty fillings? It's 2 pm now so they are pretty picked over ( good sign they are getting eaten so fresh batches are made daily). I saw an overstuffed caprese calling my name. Crusty, tender and tasty. My body feels happy now.

Word on the street is Alon's is overpriced. My fresh caprese sandwich wasn't much more than an a la carte big mac and it was more food than a boxed hot hamburger from the golden arches. Let's stop spreading the vicious pricing rumor. 

The baked goods are incredibly inviting. Real croissants! Not flabby no personality imposters.  I will be back for this reason alone. The cheese section is impressive. I know you, reader, likely love cheese. How? Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I mention to a person to give up most dairy at least for a little while to heal an ill the knee jerk response is "I LOVE CHEESE! I CAN'T GIVE IT UP!"  Which makes me wonder just how much cheese you are eating.  I just ate a cheese sandwich here, who am I to judge your dairy habits?

I found the staff helpful and smiling so let's stop spreading that vicious rumor too. 


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Dear Woodfire Grill, 

After many times together I am writing to tell you how grateful I am that you never disappoint me. Your constant change yet consistent creativity satisfies every part of me as a diner.

Woodfire Grill to me does farm to table so right they set the standard in Atlanta. Absolutely an avid meat lover I still can say every vegetable and starch that appears on the menu and your plate is treated with as much respect, love and care as your protein. 

The pastry chef creates new interesting breads for the basket every two weeks. In the meantime makes a mean pot du creme.  Pastry chefs give life more pleasure. That's just me but who can deny the joy of a good piece of bread and butter or a perfect sweet treat at the end of a meal?

Do be prepared for a wee bit of smoke in the fine dining area. There is an active grill in there and it's roasting up vegetables, fish, meat, DUCK (as was deliciously served on my plate with hazelnuts and strawberries), pork and beef du jour. Chef Tyler is actively at the helm making sure each plate is perfect.   Honestly don't expect the  big WOW of your meal to be your entree/main. The starters are thoughtfully conceived,  impeccably plated and really impress the tastebuds. This is exactly why I come back here. I very VERY rarely revisit any restaurant but I can't keep away from this one.

Service always matches the food. Don't miss a hand crafted cocktail,  as this is farm to table and the drinks are as unique and delicious as the food.  French press coffee on your table for dessert is always a pleasure too. 

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I had such a fantastic first time bbq experience at The Greater Good BBQ that I was excited to go back! I don't eat out often (and rarely do I go somewhere twice) so when I do my expectations are high. If you're charging me for food it had better be damn good. Go big or go home , right?

Second time around was a miss to say the least. I will tell you why this shocks me: BBQ competition in this town is epic as it is in my southern cities. If you can't hang you won't be able to pay your rent for long. 

The former beloved juicy fatty brisket was dry and overly trimmed. The greens lacked flavor and personality in general. The mac n cheese was as good as ever though. Creamy, flavorful sauce didn't split or get an oil slick, but the pulled pork was on the tougher side. It really did seem like an entirely different crew made this food. Consistency is key especially when you've got it right.  Staff seemed annoyed to have customers.  

I wanted my money back this time. 

AuthorStephanie Anderson

Are you still cruising around Sandy Springs looking for REALLY good approachable and affordable food you may have driven right by The Brickery.  Do yourself a favor and stop next time. This place is busy on a weeknight even after over 20 years in business. They are doing something right. It's in the strip at the intersection of Hammond and Roswell road next to Sushi Mio.

Have you had brussel sprouts with pasta ? I haven’t either until now.  An appetizer serving of earthy caramelized sprouts very lightly dressed in a slighty sweet sauce tossed into spaghetti and garnished with sesame seeds is the kind of pasta dish you can feel good about eating. You’re getting your veggies and boy do they taste good!

Barely battered shrimp cooked perfectly. Not rubbery, not oily and not overly crusted. They are hand dipped and made to order. I’d rather not share but just try to keep a tablemates hands out of your basket!

Blue cheese chips is a starter that never gets old. I can’t resist ordering it whenever I see it on a menu and this plate of blue cheese chips at the Brickery does not disappoint! Paper thin house made chips piled high and generously drizzled with cream blue cheese dressing. I forget my manners and lick my fingers with no shame. Just this once. Craveable goodness!!!

These crab cakes make me happy. Why? No gosh darn fillers like bell peppers, too much gloppy doughy binders or anything else that takes the joy out of what should be a highly coveted and delicate cake of pure crabby goodness.  It is pillowy snow white, light fresh taste and a nice pan sear on both sides. You would never expect a crab cake like this at a neighborhood eater but here it is!

Do you want kugel? Do you know what kugel is? If you don’t you do want it. The Luchen Kugel is traditional with cottage cheese and raisins, crispy tipped egg noodles with a creamy soft comfort food mouthfeel. It’s really special paired with the brisket.

Southwest salad is a great flavorful option for vegetarians. Lots of crisp romaine with seasoned black beans, avocado, cheddar and (the bane of my existence but the rest of you like them) tomatoes. Lots of crispy slim strips of corn tortillas keep the texture lively and authentic tasting.

Ceasar burger. This may be the best burger you’ve never had. It is the best burger I have had in Atlanta. Fresh, handformed big patty chargrilled on a ceramic grill that has been at the Brickery for 22 years. Burgers seem so simple but many steps along the way are what makes or breaks them. It’s topped with cheddar, ceasar dressing ad crisp lettuce. I couldn’t stop eating this burger!

Classic preparation of beef brisket has a slightly sweet tomato based sauce. It was just a tad dry likely from not fully cooling submerged in the braising liquid but overall really nice (especially with that delicious kugel!).

Their best seller, for good reason, is the fried chicken. Very classic southern style soaked in buttermilk and simple seasoned floured crust golden fried to perfection. I licked my fingers again, no shame.  Incredibly satisfying dish!

I tried three desserts, all but the chess pie were unremarkable. Peach cobbler had little personality but certainly edible. The chocolate cake for me lacked richness and didn’t really seem like a cake at all but the saving grace, CHESS PIE.  This pie is like crack. Get your own piece you won’t want to share it!

I can hardly wait to stop in for another ceasar burger and maybe some fried chicken and noodle kugel to go!  Wonderful warm staff and great service.  I am glad The Brickery is close to home.


Brussel sprouts!

Brussel sprouts!

barely battered shrimp

barely battered shrimp

Behold, the house ceasar burger!

Behold, the house ceasar burger!

Southwestern Salad

Southwestern Salad

fried chx.jpg
classic brisket

classic brisket

onion rings that are more onion than breading! yum!

onion rings that are more onion than breading! yum!

peach cobbler-camera settings sad :( 

peach cobbler-camera settings sad :( 

chocolate cake

chocolate cake

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For the past year Fuji Hana on Barrett Parkway has been open. It is one spacious thai and hibachi house!  Roomy outdoor deck (how often do you get to enjoy Thai out in the sunshine?) when the weather allows but inside it is freshly modern Asian and very comfortable to hang your hat and stay awhile enjoying all the delicious menu items.

The chef features items that are based on his grandparents recipes that are still served in Thailand today. The hibachi chefs have been with Fuji Hana for years!  They are no fly by night hibachi chefs.

The eats:

Thai drunken beef jerky:  I have never had something quite like this. The meat is dehydrated a bit so it tastes more beefy (you know, the whole dry aging thing) and cooked medium. It’s tender yet a nice chew. Served with toasted peanuts it’s a great cocktail food. I can enjoy this with white or red wine, martini, bourbon or a signature cocktail! Do not miss this!

Hot rock shrimp:  This is the kind of dish you crave and drive anywhere just to get your fix. It is big shrimp with a medium batter, perfectly cooked. Laid over a bed of creamy spicy aioli dressed romaine and shaved jalepenos. It is exciting comfort food especially when it’s chilly out.

My yummy yummy roll came with a side of crab salad. Lots of fresh tomatoes, cucumber and faux crab. Sushi rolls both came with the house made duo of spicy mayo and yum yum sauce. Also there is house made kimchi hot sauce and all three house sauces are available to purchase by the bottle to enjoy at home. The sushi had a wonderfully fresh taste and lovely presentation. 

Vegetarian spring rolls have great texture. Filled with glass noodles , carrots, celery and cabbage along with a dose of black pepper to keep it interesting! 

Masaman curry is my go-to when assessing a new Thai restaurant. This one passes! The usual suspects of choice of protein, toasted cashews, avocado and potatoes cut as I call, “bricks from the Taj Mahal”.  The spicy, sweet creamy sauce that it’s known for. My favorite Thai comfort food.

The coconut ice cream has coconut shreds in it! Heaven! Get that alone or on the side of the fried banana.  An unconventional Thai but absolutely divine dessert is the fried cheesecake roll.  Creamy and crunchy, entirely satisfying. I am going back just for this (and perhaps the beef jerky with a cocktail). I have been dreaming of having this cheesecake again since I first tasted it. Don't miss this one either if you have a sweet tooth.

The options are endless here and sure to satisfy all tastes. Vegetarian friendly so you don't feel like your dinner (or lunch) is a collection of sides.  What a gem in Kennesaw Fuji Hana is!


Thai drunken beef jerkey

Thai drunken beef jerkey

Rock shrimp

Rock shrimp

Glass noodles with chicken  

Glass noodles with chicken


Shrimp masaman curry with rice

Shrimp masaman curry with rice

Fried Cheesecake Roll -- don't miss it!

Fried Cheesecake Roll -- don't miss it!

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Right smack in the Fort Worth Stockyards is The Lonesome Dove. There was a recent fire but worry not, it's all back to good now.

Inside it's unassuming. Dark wood with western bistro decor as you'd expect. I was a bit surprised the waiters were outfitted in polos and khakis. The menu is game neatly tucked into upscale Americana. How refreshing to see a unique menu!  Foie, wild boar ribs, elk sausage sliders, buffalo, rattlesnake, rabbit and more familiar proteins for the less adventurous still looking for interesting flavors.

I couldn't resist lobster blue corn hushpuppies.  It sounded like a plate of heaven and indeed it was.  Looking like a plate of three big meatballs, once my fork sliced one open it was light tender and heavenly. Not a trace of oil. I shared one. They were simply too much for me to eat but I wanted to!

Hamachi tostadas were borderline insipid. Three almost fingertip sized corn chips with miniscule bits of hamachi garnished with other miniscule  tastes. This is not a way to treat precious hamachi.

Beet fries with goat cheese and wild boar ribs were next up on my plate.  More generous portions here. The beet fries are wedges, I assume roasted first then fried to get a grand crunch. Goat cheese finishes them nicely. 

Wild boar ribs were wonderfully tender but the sauce really tasted like what normally is the pool for baked beans to swim in. A bit more polish on that sauce and this would be a knockout. 

Wild Chicken Thighs, Grilled Brussels Sprouts and Sunchokes, Balsamic Aioli was wonderfully crispy! Homey yet elevated. This is exactly what I was expecting to get here. 

Great cocktail menu and full bar (of course).  Can't wait to go back for more adventuresome food. 




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This is not a paid ad, I know before I even write this it will sound like one. I do not do paid endorsements. Not yet anyway.

I practice healthy lifestyle habits as many of us do, and many of my readers are working toward doing. I got a fitbit out of real curiosity. How well I am sleeping? Sure, it will let me know. Granted I know I sleep well 98% of the time but I like assurance like everyone else. Am I moving my body enough on a daily or mostly daily basis? The key here is a fitbit is so sensitive to your movement it will let you know. Just how it lets you know how restless you are during your slumber.

The creative soul I was born has morphed into an equally numbers geek soul.  Fitbit shows you cold hard stats and I find them addictive. I am on day 7 of my fitbit relationship and so far, it is a crush. Love may bloom but for now it's got my attention every waking hour and even follows me into my sleep.

How does one get 10k steps each day? That is the default amount Fitbit will assign you. Increase it if you dare. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.   When you really want something you will find a way. 

Creative ways to get my steps in when I can't get to the park for a run or walk:

1. Go up and down every aisle in the supermarket even if I am going in for 2 or 3 items.

2. Go up and down my stairs 3x instead of 1x. 

3. Jog or march in place while I watch the morning news while the coffee brews

4. Jog in place during every commercial break for a one hour TV show. 8 commercials for me is about 3500 steps. I move fast in those 3 minutes! 

5. Longer walks/jogs at the park on days I don't work or have a little extra time to do it. That alone hits my 10k steps and ends up totally nearly 15k steps so I can bank them for a more restful day during the week. We aren't in top shape every single day and pushing oneself too hard will only result in burnout. The arch nemesis to any healthy lifestyle transitioner. 

6. Walk around during a phone conversation. 500 steps easy.

7. A walking meeting? Yes! I have an unconventional lifestyle and businesses so this is a possibility for me from time to time. Sitting is so last year.

8. Admittedly I have stooped to a few feet taps in the shower while I get the conditioner in my hair situated. I find the shower so boring as it is this livens it up and invigorates me more than usual.

9. Take  3 trips instead of 1 to bring groceries in from the car.

10. Park far away from the bank and walk around the building when doing my banking inside. (I go to the bank often so this adds up fast for me over a week)

11. Walk around the gas station while the pump fills up your tank.

12. March in place while I style my hair and brush my teeth.  Why waste those 10 minutes just standing there? besides that bloodflow only improves new hair growth! It's a beauty treatment too.

13.  The stepmachine in my den gets a workout during a favorite 30 minute tv show to get me halfway there with added cardio benefit (nevermind my killer legs). 

14.  Take a "walk around the building 4x break" periodically throughout the day.

Maybe perhaps this can get some people less obsessed with selfies and more self obsessed with what's going on inside? 

I find this little gadget so inspiring I started a challenge for my staff.  You can play along too!  It's a simple one. 90 days, 10k steps 5 of those days each and every week without fail. You can slip down to 5k a day to two of those days but I bet you get so addicted you come close or go over 10k everyday.  That one change will bring about many more effortlessly. I promise.



Fitbit flex is what I use.

Fitbit flex is what I use.

AuthorStephanie Anderson

The new year is here and I've been down with the flu therefore no eating out, not much eating in either (the flu has a way of killing the appetite) . In my delirium and stir crazy-ness of being home, cooking is always my favorite way to kill boredom when stuck home alone. I can't have people around me making them sick too.

Enter the air fryer (aka new toy).

I soaked a cornish hen in lemon, raw garlic and rosemary for a few hours (after halving it and removing the backbone)  .  4 hours later I put both halves into the airfryer. While they had their first 10 minutes at 350 to render out, I reduced the marinade along with some chili flake and butter.  I brushed them at 10 minute intervals for a total of 23 minutes.  It not only is the best item to come out of the air fryer thus far it's also the best preparation of cornish hen I've ever tasted.  Tender, crispy and very flavorful.

Sidenote, I've always been a bit bothered by people putting everything in the dishwasher. Wasteful. WASTEFUL. Ok, lazy too.  That's just me though. The airfryer can be a little tricky to get clean as it is a fryer basket.  The basket and base are completely dishwasher safe.  Frankly I can't figure out a better or an equally effective way of getting it clean. After failed attempts to clean it with the brushes I use for my juicer basket,  I've gone from using the dishwasher once a month to once a week now. :/  I feel guilt every time too. Pans, knives and all my alcohol glasses still get a soapy bath in my sink.  It's a slippery slope into laziness. I won't fall off that cliff. 


Behold the bird with pureed cauliflower:

AuthorStephanie Anderson

You love them. I love them. I make them in the oven at home and because I like to keep them whole, the tips burn under the broiler. Not tasty and potential smoke alarm situation.

Air fryer to the rescue!  


Step 1. Render them naked at 325 for 10 minutes.

Steps 2-5: Add sauce and seasoning of choice. Test case today is fresh orange juice equal parts with bbq sauce. You do your thing, I will do mine.

Coat once after rendering. 350 for 7 mins. Turn, brush again with sauce and 7 more minutes. Turn to skin side up for final finish/crisping  5 more mins at 390.

Cleanup consists of putting hot water into the nonstick fryer base and rinsing out with some soap. Done.


AuthorStephanie Anderson

By any account the term air fryer is a host of contradictions but is it not also intriguing?

I love my crunchy food as much as the next woman but making it at home? Heavens mess, NO!  Options?  Too much drive thru comes with a loss of social graces and loss of fitting one's clothes. Take out fried food? It is soggy by the time it gets to your plate.

Phillip's has made an air fryer in attempt to solve a home cook's needs for crunch, need for no splatters and no extra inches on the waist. Best described as a turbo charged convection oven this little dynamo will crisp up your frozen items better than your oven will or cook fresh food into a crisp holy grail with a tweak to prep with a very similar outcome  were it cooked in quarts of oil.

The booklet of recipes is very small but it's a start until you get comfortable using this machine.

First test: Fresh chicken breast-transform it into crunchy fingers.

I soaked the whole breast in a brine of salt, sugar and liquid aminos for 3 hours. Once removed from the brine I sliced it into 1" thick strips, pat dry and coated them all in one teaspoon of rice bran oil. Any oil you like will do.

I always use panko on my chicken so I mixed that with corn flour and seasoning to suit my mood. The dressed fingers were put in the basket and airfried at 390 for 10 mins. 


first 10 minutes

first 10 minutes

I turned the fingers over and cooked another 3 minutes. The cornflour didn't entirely cook into a crispy coating but the coating was crispy.  The chicken is tender and moist with great flavor. 

I need to tinker around with this recipe a bit more to perfect it but it has great promise.



AuthorStephanie Anderson

3 years and I've never noticed Roux on Canton. Then again it's easy to get your sign lost in the commotion that is Roswell square. On the same block as Pastis and Salt Factory pub you will find this creole style eatery.  Impressively clean.  Small tight space as is the norm in these parts but if you go off hours you'll have some peace. If you prefer the more the merrier then by all means, hit it up prime time.

While this is Creole themed it's not terribly authentic but it works.  You will find po boys, blackened this and that,  oysters, gumbo, etouffee, etc.

I got an small order of shrimp and grits. Well flavored with some jalepeno for a nice kick.  fried green tomatoes are a plate of tasty southern comfort. Nice remoulade alongside because we all love a dip.

Chipotle chicken wrap with blue cheese is tasty. Ceasar salad a little generic. I don't think of those as creole but a menu aims to please the masses and this one does just that.

Warm free beignets are a win.  I do enjoy warm fried dough doused with icing sugar. 

Laid back staff suits the overall vibe.

I don't know if I will return but I did enjoy my visit.


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Shed any notion that I am becoming set in my ways with age. Out of near desperation I strayed from my standard purchase of the same coffee combo I've been buying (I mix regular and decaf). I grabbed a bag of Allegro columbian decaf at Whole Foods about 2 weeks. I am on my third bag now. 

Allegro, you may have Starbucks beat.  Smaller production? I haven't investigated but my logical mind can't fathom and equally sized or larger production of beans. If I were a betting woman I'd say yes. 

What I can confirm is upon opening the bag the aroma is, without question, the most pleasingly fragrant beans to cross my nose.  It is smoother and richer than whatever other bean you're consuming now. Once I satisfy my quest on the whole how all cheeses are made I am diving into the world of the coffee bean to officially get out of being the biggest fan to expert level authority.

To optimize the whole thing: I am still actively in the process of transition all my french press friends into a dripper. It. is. better.  PERIOD.


My morning rig looks a little ridiculous but it tastes divine. Santa will bring me a chemex to make it all more aesthetic but for now, I got the taste down to a science.


coffee dripper.

coffee dripper.

angels sing: CHEMEX

angels sing: CHEMEX

AuthorStephanie Anderson

Third time around was the unlucky charm. What's happened Double Zero?  

Chopped salad: Soggy as if it had been dressed earlier in the day, soupy, salami soft and gamey vs chewey and rich. Dressing unbalanced and overall disappointing bowl of food. 

Pork belly, changed up each season.  The belly itself delivered as usual but the risotto was a disaster.  Jalapeno pesto is a bad idea and worse when put into very undercooked risotto.  I am all for al dente but not HARD. Inedible. The beauty of this dish is the crispy pork against the contrast of a creamy side (polenta, risotto, etc) and in the past that's always been the case but not today. sigh. strike two. Jeez it's my birthday party again and this is not making it a happy one. 

Beet salad was delicious. Cool and flavorful. A saving grace at last! 

Dessert always is wonderful there. In the future it seems I have to leave Double Zero as strictly for desserts now.  




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For years Bones has been cited as the best steak in Atlanta. I have yet to try it til now.  

It is quite the (wonderful) cliche men's steakhouse decor inside. That is fine in my book, and frankly, as it should be. Don't mess with a classic.  Dark, wood, cozy. 

Classic promising steakhouse menu. Always what I want on my birthday: bisque, red meat and red wine finishing with some chocolate extravagance.  Surely I can get all this of the highest caliber at Bone. Maybe. Maybe not.

My waiter seemed a bit unsuited for this type of restaurant.  He was also absent for 70% of my stay at the table.  Perhaps this is the Bone's way but it came without warning and left us feeling like an afterthought. The restaurant was entirely aware it is my birthday as noted by the birthday confetti on my table. This is their way to cover their tail without obnoxiously singing when the candle adorned dessert comes out. I am fine either way. 

My lobster bisque, hot, thick and standardly meaty was lacking a balance of flavor. I had to have my server bring the sherry from the bar to correct that. It made a world of difference but left me feeling like I had to cook on my birthday to get the level of flavor quality I expect.  

My glass of wine is fantastic and hoping the steak will redeem the night. We were being attended to by everyone except our waiter.  I opted for a bone in ribeye med rare.  Sides are generous enough to share and out came marcona almond green beans and truffle mashed potatoes.   Steaks arrived cooked to correct temp but really no seasoning and no sear thus giving an overall  blah feeling when eating it. SERIOUSLY? Our proverbial hearts sunk. oof. After a disappointing meal the night before and now this. I noticed the best steakhouse nod ended two years ago and I see why. The truffle potatoes were quite tasty, beans cooked perfectly.

I do warn, as an industry pro, do not eat out on Sundays or Mondays but sadly this year my birthday fell on a Monday and the curse of Monday is alive and well at Bone's.  The food surely has to be better than it is tonight.   What a heartbreak on a birthday huh?

Stick to Hal's. 


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My wildly popular series, One Vegan Week, will commence in just a few days.  Are there any grains, herbs, techniques, etc you'd like to see me feature in a recipe?  It's soup weather so there will be some of that to inspire and satisfy you all. 

I am still intermittent fasting but can eat quite a bit of vegan eats to makeup those 500 calories on my fasting days. Hope to inspire you with that too. My blood pressure is still down and pants still loose since starting this in May.  

Today is my birthday and every area of my life is in a very good place. I am thankful to count my health as one of those areas. 

AuthorStephanie Anderson

New location on Roswell road!  I am sad to see the hot dog joint go but isn't bbq always welcome in the south?   Inside is very small, some outdoor seating. Get it to go or eat fast and no one gets hurt.

Just a warning: No corn or cornbread. Once you get past that you will find grilled buns for the sandwiches, tender and flavorful brisket that is so good you don't want sauce, and slaw that isn't gloppy or pretentious. That is a fine line not to cross and they do not. 

Baked beans served up are damn good with plenty of onion and other seasonings.  

I am calling now to place a standing weekly order for brisket. It is just that good. 



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AuthorStephanie Anderson

Just outside Roswell square is this burger joint. It's quite clean which,it should be as food is prepared and served there, but when the namesake is a dog and the menu has dog breed named items and is dog friendly outside I was dubious.

First I had to get past the fact that burgers are named after dogs and not thinking my patty was made of a french poodle or german shepherd.  We frown on that in this country. 

The menu is whimsical but substantial. I can't comment on the beer heavy bar as I am not a beer person but the soft drinks are plentiful and refills are free.  

We got some mango BBQ chicken wings (hot classic style is available too) and kettle chips with blue cheese. Without question the chips were the best thing I ate the entire meal. Big, crunchy and fresh!  I found the wings to be a bit flabby. The sauce had nice sweetness but overall unremarkable. I didn't finish the 6 wings but I did finish the chips! 

 I decided on the German shepherd-beef patty with cambozola and candied bacon jam. One delicious combo more the style of FLIP.  Monday -Thursday before 4 ALL burgers are $8. I coughed up an extra buck and got TATER TOTS instead of the traditional sidecar of fries.  Tots aren't seen enough outside of the school cafeteria in my opinion.  They were hot , crisp and deliciously seasoned.  So far I am thinking Lucky's needs to be renamed to reflect the potato action happening.   If I had more room in my tummy I'd have tried the parmesan parsley fries. 

Dessert, Key lime pie and salted caramel cake.  Oh the horror of the flavor of the fridge permeating our sweets. The delicate pie filling had metallic and savory hints marring the key lime flavor. I found that same unpleansantness all over the icing of the caramel cake. Disappointing. Couldn't have more than 3 bites. 

Friendly attentive service. 

I was hoping to like Lucky's more as the menu is enticing but I overall can only give it 6.5 out of 10.  




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AuthorStephanie Anderson

Food 101 has stepped up the game of New South cuisine. 

Bone marrow is still on the menu. I can't imagine anyone is more happy than I am about this but go try and see if you can out happy me.   

Some night if you mosey in before 7 pm several wines by the glass are half off.  All the 101 Concepts have solid wine simply because the man who selects them knows his wines. 

Being a southern concept of course cornbread is in the bread basket along with tender yeast rolls. 

Duck breast over grits with figs? yes please. Crispy fried chicken with gravy (no bones so you can eat in polite company), homey mashed potatoes, tender crisp green beans and no glop slaw. Heaven is a plate of this south. 

Goat cheesecake with candied orange and pistachios is fantastic if you can take a little funk in your dessert. Smooth dense texture and nicely balance sweet to tang ratio.

Salted chocolate caramel cake is over the top decadent. Kahlua donut holes with shot of espresso is a nice flavor and texture way to end your meal. Our batch just a minute overcooked but still entirely delicious.

AuthorStephanie Anderson

Forget everything you knew about Ten pre August 2013. Enter new slate (or concept in restaurant terms) Chef Duc Tran and his creative Euro Asian menu. Tran is an immigrant from Vietnam (Com Vietnamese may be where you better know his talents) and brought his dream for a better life to Atlanta and we local eaters are the better for it.   Tran's love of his heritage, travel experiences and of food are all evident in his cooking and evident if you have the pleasure of meeting him and seeing the joy he has in what he's doing.

Sure TEN is a night club after hours but during dinnertime the new revamped patio offers spacious seating and the interior stylish but comfortably inviting. You'll be taken care of by colorful, attractive attentive staff as you go on this taste vacation.  

On the lighter side fresh vietnamese spring rolls are a great option.  Mine had tender lobster claws tucked into crunchy vegetables. Others had sashimi tuna and salmon, each more tender and tasty than the other. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. 

Seafood carpaccio may be light but it packs a punch with flavor! Slices of tuna and salmon dressed with a light soy dressing and garnish of nori and sriracha!  

Korean surf and turf skewer. Who doesn't like a plate of land and sea?  Especially when it is melty tenderloin and perfectly cooked and seasoned shrimp? Get your own so you don't have to share.

One of my two favorites is the curried calamari and mussels. This dish is full of tender calamari rings and fat green mussels out of the shell. They are seasoned and fried then finished with basil pesto!  This is made for cocktails!  

Paris beef rilettes, especially paired with a nice red wine, is the simple elegance French food is known for. Brisket shredded and finished with clarified butter along with toasted baguette is wonderfully simple yet decadently rich.

Chicken paillard is also in tune with the classic simple French flair. Tender chicken pan seared and seasoned along with tender crisp green beans  topped with simply shaved parmesan.

Beef au poirve is not the pepper crusted brandy sauced classic you expect. It is entirely, and spectacularly different.  It is cubes of tenderloin, lots of red bell pepper, crunchy  julienne of onion and a dairy cream sauced delight over fries-poutine style.  The table couldn't stop eating long enough to shout out their taste delight! Generous portion on this but you won't want to share it.

Dessert is complimentary and delicious. Today was a tirimisu style treat and it was light yet perfectly satisfying after all the flavors we just experienced.  


curried calamari and mussels

curried calamari and mussels

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AuthorStephanie Anderson

A taste of the south right in Dunwoody! Cozily tucked into the Shops of Dunwoody shopping plaza is this southern themed eatery.  We in the south don't like airs with our food (I like it with other food  but not Southern food) and you will not find them here. 

Bourbon lovers, there is a bourbon tasting cart! 4 selections for $20.  Perfect. 

The menu is, of course, Southern but you will find a wild card here and there like chicken tortilla soup with mozzarella?  I enjoyed the butternut squash soup. Fragrantly spiced with a hint of sweetness. Thick rich and satisfying. A cup was all I needed. 

The table rolls are a bit of heaven on earth, or in Dunwoody as the case may be. Yeast knots with oil and garlic on top along with some parmesan. Not southern but entirely delicious. 

I don't know that I've ever done this but I asked for a custom entree due to the very specific craving I was having and it was accommodated. Had it been busier I never would have asked. Glad I did because it was delicious! Seared salmon with mashed potatoes (excellent homey thick fresh and tasty), creamed corn (more extra thick homey and tasty) and sauteed spinach that was nicely seasoned. 

My dining companion pointed out, as a sweet tea expert, that the iced tea didn't tasted brewed but rather from a mix. My uneducated tea taste buds couldn't tell through the course of 3 refills.  

Friendly attentive service and a belly full of food I was a happy eater by the end of it all.  


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AuthorStephanie Anderson