Seven Hens. A review.

You can get your chicken in a wrap, on a baugette roll, on a platter or in a salad.  I started to order the French until upon walking up to the register, I saw the seasonal features were taped to the register. I spied a pretzel bun and that sold me. Call it the southern-I do. This chicken was sharing a pretzel bun with pimento cheese

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Dietella Go pan. A review

I've been using the Dietella  for about a month now. Once I got it correctly seasoned with a tip I found online touting how vegetable shortening like Crisco works the best, I have been using it daily. In fact I don't even put it away after I wipe it clean!

It has a broad surface so I can sear fish, chicken, steaks and vegetables and the added benefit of cooking on cast iron.  How is this different than any other grill pan? Two reasons off the bat:

1. The side spouts easily tilt to the side so I can get excess fat off that has rendered out from steaks. I've had issues of the edges overflowing from flat grill pans with no place for fat to escape.

2. Two is the ready light when the pan is hot! It takes a few minutes to really get hot as does any cast iron. This pan sits on a ceramic plate so the bottom doesn't become damaged but it still heats up like it were over a direct flame. You just turn on the burner, set the plate and grill pan over it and walk away while you prep your fresh ingredients. When the indicator turns red you're ready to grill!


Additionally the bottom of the pan is coated in an attractive  food safe enamel, realized by Pramar, to further protect the pan from scratches-and it looks more attractive than bare cast iron!

It's a nice size that stores flat and doesn't take up as much space as a large pan that takes the space of two burners to heat it.  All in all I'd say this should be a staple in every kitchen big or small!

Essence of Vitality Herbal and Roots tonic

My get up and go could use a little kick in my butt so I am giving this powerful cleansing tonic a try. I have read repeated warniings of the harsh bitter taste but I am a trooper about these things. It's all in the name of health. A few seconds of pain for some big gains. Watch my theoretical tricks to get it down easier.  I am taking it every other day until the bottle is gone. Hoping to get more stamina when I run and rid my brain of the fog I have had for almost a week. I will update as events arise.

Update:  After the obligatory bathroom trips the next am I had a tremendous amount of energy right up until bedtime.

Table8 reservations now available in Atlanta!

Can you put a price tag on the value of instant gratification? Answer: Sometimes.

If you are the kind of person that gravitates to what are considered the best restaurants and hottest chefs in your city (or a city you’re traveling to) AND you can lean toward not planning ahead with any regularity then Table8 will be your new bestie.  This nifty free app gets you access to those restaurants discerning food lovers want to eat at. It is available on download for both iPhone and Android.

Think gorgeous Melisse in Santa Monica or Jose Andres Mini Bar in D.C.  You want in last minute on Saturday night?  Chances are Table8 can get you in.  If the restaurant isn’t fully booked your prime time reservation is free of charge. If it is a high demand time there is a small fee you pay that is shared between the restaurant and Table8.  You know, the price of instant gratification. It makes me feel like a VIP to snag a table at a great spot with a quick few taps on the app if you’re out and about (and hungry)! If you’re at your computer you can book online too.

Many of my favorite spots to dine at in my hometown of Atlanta are on Table8. Iberian Pig, St. Cecilia and King + Duke.

Table8 is the brainchild of Pete Goettner, a venture capitalist and CEO of DigitalThink, and Santosh Jayaram, the first Vice President of Business Operations at Twitter. Frustrated with their restaurant routines, and the lack of availability at both new and classic destinations, Goettner and Jayaram builtTable8 to open last-minute reservation access, and create a new revenue stream for restaurants. Table8works one-on-one with each restaurant to select the number of tables they would like to hold as well as the price of the seats, and then shares the proceeds.

Look for Table8 access currently in these cities:



Los Angeles


New York

San Francisco

Washington D.C.

Dandy Donuts. A review.

 Do not miss the apple crumb. This is one that is sliced up and filled with apples. The cream cheese is also sliced open an spread with cream cheese pastry cream.  I actually said "wow" after my first bite. 

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Breadwinner Cafe and Bakery. A review.

 Delicious fresh soup of pureed cucumber and yogurt with a very slight yet distinct and pleasant hit of raw garlic.  So fresh and balanced I just loved every single creamy spoonful. 

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Fox Atlanta gets it right with The Brickery's Ceasar Burger

It's clear they know the right ratio of beef-to-bun-to-flavorfully messy sauce. It's a ceasar salad on a cheddar burger essentially and I can't think of anything better.  It doesn't need bacon. It doesn't need tomatoes. It doesn't need mustard. It is perfect as is and is most definitely the star of the show in this establishment. 

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E. 48th Street Market. A review.

I got a salami and provolone sandwich on the bread I've been hearing about and sure enough, it did not disappoint.  Thin outer crisp crust and pillowy interior with just enough chew but not so much your jaw hurts by the 4th bite.

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Doc Chey's Noodle House. A review.

Fast service, clean seating area, bathrooms and I can't think of a bad thing to say.  It's a safe beet on Memorial drive although not the most adventurous.

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Sage Woodfire Tavern. A review.

Sage has a beautiful blue light bar area if you want cocktails and eats from the bar menu. Outdoor seating also can enjoy bar bites as well as a full restaurant menu as the bar opens up to the outside.  

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Peking restaurant. A review.

The menu is your standard chinese fare. Nothing cutting edge and that's just fine. Don't we all order the same two or three things all of our lives at these types of places?   My waiter is charming and accomodating and the owner checks on me 3 or 4 times as well. He's a gracious host. 

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