Occipital Nerve And How To Repair It

Hi friends!

I know you're waiting on an update of my recomp progress but I have another roadblock. *sigh* While my lower spine is much improved I have been dealing with a fluke, the occipital nerve is being pinched in my upper spine giving me a 24/7 pain in the back of my head. Apparently any number of things can cause this from blowdrying your hair, an odd head turn, etc. I am blaming my giant cat and how I hold him.

Chiropractor to the rescue! It's taking a few visits but it's improving. I am ordered to not do any strength training until it's completely resolved.   Dare I say a worse condition than the lower back. There is no escaping the pain of the pinched off nerve and can begin to feel like a migraine as the day progresses if I don't ice it and take anti-inflammatories. 


Just because this happens once doesn't mean it will happen again, it's not structural like scoliosis is.  I urge anyone dealing with this to try chiropractic first before taking a traditional medical route which will not address the issue, only mask it.

I have been walking and jogging, however, that's what made my body fat go up in the first place.  It's getting too warm now with summer coming for me to keep that up so I will be doing progressive incline treadmill cardio going forward.