Week 7 - A new schedule and some updates

Hi friends!

My back is feeling a little less painful but I am not out of the woods yet, unfortunately.  I haven't been able to run and it's making me bonkers!  Still doing modified circuit training and walking most days but it's just not my usual level of training I like to do. Any workout is better than no workout though.  I am hoping to get back with my trainer in a week. As of today it's been 3 weeks and I am so ready for new moves!

Weight is down a bit but measurements are the same. I don't expect to see anything significantly change until I am back to 100%.  I am going to change my reporting to every two weeks. I have a lot of travel coming up again and I can't post my updates while on the road.

I have some gorgeous shots from the latest piece I am working on for travel writing. Spring makes for such fantastic photos. I am deciding today which publications to pitch it to.

Beauty find

Now for my latest beauty find!  If you're struggling with chronic dry lips either from the weather, illness or ahem... aging - my situation, this is the answer. If you have tubes of balm in your car, bag, bedside, bathroom, living room, kitchen and even in your husband's car but still have dry lips Baume de Rose is the answer.  It's about $60 but will last you 6 months or more and will fix them within just a day or two.

I thank icon makeup artist Mary Greenwell for this gold nugget. 


How to train your cat

In other news some of you know shortly after my beloved cat died in August I got another one within 3 weeks, a large breed, Ragdoll. I've wanted a giant 20 lb cat for 25 years. He's about 15 lbs now and just turned 1 last week.   This breed is very trainable and I've done the odd this and that to amuse both he and I but I really NEED to training him in some way to make nail trimming easy for both of us. 

He's got very fluffy paws which I don't want to trim away because they are so adorable, however, the task of FINDING the white nail in the white jungle of fluff is a challenge and by the time I do he's tired of me fiddling with his paw.  I plan to attempt to train him with treats, which he's used to getting for doing nothing, so he gets one after each nail nip.

I need all the prayers, good wishes and even employ my intuitive abilities to connect with the powers that be to make this work!  While I faith, I lack patience.