Week 5-6 Body Recomp: Injury (but that can't stop the machine)

It was a perfect storm for my scoliosis to rear its ugly side.  I have a moderate case in my lower back.  I realized 5 years ago that my daily jogs were keeping my lifelong back pain at bay which is what kept me going even if on an odd day I didn't feel like it. Prevention is far better than waiting out 1-3 weeks of being laid up with lower back pain.  

Living with scoliosis

I couldn't run during my travel dates and I had my next training session the day after I returned. Those tight muscles following a week of no running and picking up my giant 15 lb cat first thing upon waking did me in. CURSES!  We did two twisting moves that I should have spoken up about because I know the aftershock will follow and it will be UGLY. And it was.

Generally, I can walk and lay down fine during these days but sitting or driving isn't possible.  I got back to walking and I was able to do many of my circuit moves, some with modification and kept my diet on point. I wasn't going to let this discourage me. It has in the past but not this time. Sidenote: I saw bikini pics from 2.5 years ago and while my weight is just about the same give or take 3 lbs, my midsection is so much thicker-one of 2 reasons I am doing this recomp.

Repeat with me my mantra since I was 18: IT IS NOT OK TO BUY BIGGER PANTS.  Nip that in the bud before it comes to that.


The curve

I cut my calories down just a bit this week and that seems to be what was holding up my downward slide on the scale. I am seeing some more slight inch loss but I am too crooked today to measure week 6. I can't stand straight to measure anything.  My weight is lower but I will update that when I can do corresponding measurements.

I got a little gain in my bicep! Again, the area I am looking to lose inches hasn't budged but everything else (almost) has.  My main victory even in my agonizing pain: I can do some walking lunges without wobbling!!!!  I was all over the place doing them 5 weeks ago during evaluation. I can't wait to see how many I can do once my spine is back to normal.  

 Weight changes based on the first week baseline, not cumulative. 

Weight changes based on the first week baseline, not cumulative. 

My hives are still rearing their red heads from time to time but nothing severe enough to send me back to the emergency medic again.  

I got a second measuring tape for my travel bag so while I may not being able to weigh in I will have that with me.

Time for a walk and circuit training. It's a gorgeous day and I have some time before I have to get writing. 

See you next time for week 7 update.