Week 2. Body recomp

Working with a trainer is no joke. 2.5 days of unreal soreness in my lower body. I am thrilled my moves know how to target these areas I typically haven't successfully been able to challenge on my own. 

First week with a trainer

We do two sets of a series of all over body targeted moves in the gym followed by 15 minutes of stretching me out. I get sent home with a worksheet to do 4 sets every other day until we meet again the next week.  PHEW!

I am unable to recover enough to do the moves with this frequency at my current level of fitness.  Sure the BCAA's help but they are not a magic cure for delayed onset muscle soreness.  Ice is the answer though!  The second night I went to bed at 8:30 pm just to make sure I got a good 12 hours of sleep to help heal up these muscles.

I was able to do my upper body set and some of my lower body moves along with my daily runs 48 hours later but it took 72 hours to do the lunges.  My muscles are so wrecked from this new level of challenge they are inflamed and holding lots of water while they repair which shows on the scale. My inch loss is still happening so a reminder, F the scale. My BCAA's have some sodium in them too.

The first set of result measurements

It's funny how the body drops fat. My biggest drops are where I don't have much if any body fat.  Generally, I am up by 8-9 am, have some half-caff coffee, fed my pets and write out what I have to work on. By then I feel energized to do my runs and weight training after I eat some fuel. I am finished and ready to do some work by 1 pm or so.


I was up late with the Oscars and feel a little draggy today but I have to get my training in so I have tomorrow to recover before I get the next set of week two exercises. Usually, once I get going I feel fine. I am adding another supplement to my regime this week. Starting very low with it because it has green tea and this lady is ultra caffeine sensitive.

Curses! Girl Scout cookie season is upon us

My macros were pretty good the past week except for a Mexican meal out Wednesday and the Oscar night shitshow which included some girl scout cookies (damn you being outside Ralph's when I am working on my bikini body).


Come on week 2! I can hardly wait to be stronger.