Week 3. Body recomp. The hives edition.

It's been a week

This week's training program was not as challenging for my physically as week 1. The moves are more glute and quad focused with some shoulder work. I am pretty well developed in those areas as I have been consistently been working them for quite some time, just not with this level of reps and sets.  

Houston we have a situation

On Thursday the hives I've been getting for a year and a half were out of control like never before. It was date night and during dinner, the itching started. Not in one place but in three areas and I scratched myself bloody. I had taken Claritin which controls it very well but not this time. I haven't been able to identify why I have begun to get hives at this point in my life. I've never had any allergies to anything. Once Mr. Manpants saw blood on my leg it was off to the urgent medical center. I got a steroid shot and referral to an allergist. *sigh*

 Avocado is the holy grail for keto eating and vegan eating

Avocado is the holy grail for keto eating and vegan eating


You've been doing it all wrong

I took a trip back in time with the doc. Mind you I think most docs are full of BS and do little to expand what they learn in school and push pills to get kickbacks. I had to get to the bottom of these hives because I don't want to keep taking Claritin. 

When did the hives start? Soon after I went whole starch high carb vegan.  I have logged what I eat for a decade now so I have a food history that can be evaluated.  She has seen this happen before. The overload of starch triggers some bodies negatively. My body fat % increase also added to this theory that the starches are affecting me negatively.  This saddens me. I love high carb low-fat vegan eating. It fuels my runs so beautifully and the food is delicious to me.  

Another issue. I have had three blood pressure stroke high spikes during this way of eating. Jaw pain and everything.  I am advised to do a 180 and eat the exact opposite. While I have transitioned the past few weeks to a more 40/30/30 way of eating she wants me off all starches and nightshades for 4-8 weeks and journal any hive flare-ups in this time. Basically, I need to eat keto.

Keto vegan is tough. Traditional keto is tough when you don't like to eat animals. Fat makes me nauseous. I am still figuring this out. I can go the rest of my life without an avocado - I  never understood this obsession the vegan community has with them. Going without oatmeal is a grieving process I am not fully prepared to deal with. 

It's paramount that I get the hives under control as well as these blood pressure spikes. I will say my sleep is better the past 3 nights. I am not waking up at 4-5 am. I haven't had a claritin in 4 days. Maybe this doc is on to something.


So my weight is up 3 lbs (hi steroids- thanks for keeping me company this week). Only one change in measurement, my thin legs got thinner. 


Very curious to see how this next week goes. How I feel, how my energy levels are for cardio and if the hives continue to stay away.  My blood pressure is still a healthy measurement. I am supplementing my electrolytes so I don't get keto flu. I am so used to not adding salt to my food that eating all the salt needed for keto eating is another challenge.