Week 1. Changing my macros for body recomposition

Oh high carb whole food low-fat vegan how I love thee. Everything about my body loves thee also, including my fat stores.  

Despite how much outdoor fitness I do and eat a reasonable amount of calories, my weight hasn't gone up but my body fat has. I figured that out when my zip up pants won't zip. I grabbed the measuring tape and yes, 2" up on my waist measurement. 

Health is good, body fat not so much

My bloodwork is very good, blood pressure is still nice and low 117/67 on average, the pulse is good, blood glucose in check but none of us is getting any younger and this waist won't go down without some changes.

Operation body recomposition has commenced. While I have been certified to coach nutrition for healing health issues, sports nutrition isn't my focus except for the periods of time I was cooking for professional athletes. Even then I had to work with their trainers to optimize their diets for performance. These are bodies that MUST perform optimally to garner millions of dollars a year.

Enter: balancing carbs with higher protein (I have been hovering around 45 gr a day for 2 years and am changing it to be more equal parts protein and carbs).  I hired a trainer to get my muscles working and growing. I am losing muscle as I sit here typing for Godsake!

You hopefully have read my post on exercise not being the answer to weight loss. Diet is king but strength training matters in building a strong lean body and I need some more protein to compliment that. 



What I really want and have always admired is strength. Over my adult life, I have dated quite a few athletes and always find them so inspiring. Their commitment to their bodies and prioritizing fitness over things that nonathletes would consider more "fun". I enjoy fitness but I hate structure, the nature of an artist/writer.  Our bodies reflect what we do consistently just like our lives reflect the same. Day to day choices and actions add up.

Hi, beans. Hi, oats (my favorite food in the world). Hi, vega protein powder

Did you know oats have more protein than quinoa? 

The test

A week ago the trainer I've hired put me through an evaluation to see my flexibility, balance, and strength and from there will design a program for my goals. Wait, I don't set goals. I am an artist. Let me think on that.

I have great flexibility and balance but pushups? Laughable. No worries, it's changable. The trainer has a workout that is used with their most senior clients. I am not even 50 years old yet but my muscles are as weak as an undertrained AARP member.  Now I have a goal.

I am a mesomorph. I put on muscle easily. I also put on fat easily. I lose both easily. In theory.

The goal

I am going to work on this for 12 weeks with three goals in mind. I will find out tomorrow how realistic this is.

  1. Do a normal pushup. Preferably 5-10.
  2. Fix my wobbly lunges (I am told it's my weak adductors judging from my form)
  3. Get 4" off my waist. 

I changed my eating 10 days ago and my waist is already down nearly an inch. Maybe I need a more aggressive goal on #3. I eat plenty - 1800 cals a day or thereabouts. Same as before. I am pretty active and tall so that's about right for my age, height and activity level. I only adjusted the macronutrient makeup of the calories. 90+ gr of protein vs half that which was what I was eating before. Still getting heaps of fiber and non-starchy vegetables for nutrition. Micros matter especially when breaking down fat and all the toxins stored in those cells.

My beauty tip. I have always been obsessed with micronutrients and getting them through diet.  I am convinced that people think I am 10 years younger than I am on a daily basis.  I have never had any beauty treatments that require a needle or knife. I eat whole food, get plenty of sleep, manage stress, drink plenty of water and wear nontoxic sunscreen every day. I also have no gray hair yet. I know it's genetic but I also have never met anyone my age who doesn't have gray hair. I know you are out there I just haven't met you yet.

The magic formula

I normally fuel my runs with oats, often topped with a banana and last week I forgot the banana because I didn't want anything sweet on my oatmeal. BIG MISTAKE. One one of my regular routes- at the exact halfway point- I felt like I could not take one more step. I was sure I would fall to my knees and crawl back to my car. When I finally made it back I remembered I had a meal bar buried in my console and took a few bites. Relief. 


I realized I need that extra boost the banana gives and took some BCAA powder with my next pre-run meal and that is the perfect storm of fuel. I effortlessly got through my run and felt energized afterward. I also took the BCAA powder before my grueling test workout at the training gym and my soreness level was greatly reduced of what it normally would be after a workout like that.  That extra nitrogen it gives the muscles really does a body good when endurance and recovery are at play.

Note: BCAA powders don't taste all that good. I like the one I have well enough but if you decide to try it for your fitness goals, dissolve it in room temp water (it will clump in cold or hot water) then add ice and plenty of water. You can slam it in a shot too but that's now how I roll.

What's next

My trainer is developing a home workout for me and I will go to the gym once a week when I am not traveling for work. Even then we can do a Skype session if I have wifi.  Going every 3 weeks was suggested but I know I need more accountability than that.

I know as a coach that when someone commits financially they are 10x more successful in addition to committing to weekly sessions with me.  Success follows consistent action. Someone make me a Tshirt of that, please.

I will update weekly. 

Week 1-

45-65 mins daily interval runs (slightly more aggressive than I have been doing the past 5 years) and 2 weight training sessions

1. Strugglebus just doing 5 modified pushups (start from laying down position and pushing myself up)

2. Walking lunges are more stable when I hold a pole directly by my side at shoulder. I want to do 50 total with no pole modification.

3. Waist down 2/3". I don't care about the scale but it's .5 down. Tape measure is life!