Cook's Country needs a host. A flavorsome one.

I long wanted to see Christoper Kimball off of Cooks Country. Someone who eats so WHITE (ie only likes white meat chicken and god forbid anything be spicy) shouldn't be hosting a show with such a comprehensive mix of food preparations.  The jury is still out on Milk Street Television. I've seen two episodes. After 5 I will render a verdict.

Now he's off the show (hooray) and while I really enjoy Julia and Bridget as test cooks themselves they don't cut it as a host replacement.  It screams "filling in for now" and that's cool but after this season let's get it together.



That said these shows aren't about the host like say, a food network show is. It's about the food, the process of making it, history, product testing etc and for that a generic milk toast segment host is perfect. Host-wise, we need a little charisma to keep us engaged between segments, add additional punch and keep us wanting more. It's a tough call indeed but those people are out there.  Much like a talk show has an engaging host what brings the show together is the segments.  

Dare I say without an engaging host they are losing me as a viewer.  It would be  a tragedy for this show concept to disappear because they perfect food, truly teach (not just entertain) and provide science.  It's a winning combination it's just not enough.