What's in my box? A Degustabox opening.

Tasty Goya products again this month, like tostones chips which are just a hair thicker than plantain chips with that great rich starchy plantain flavor.  Golden Maria sandwich cookies too! Thin biscuits sandwiched with chocolate cream. 

I have been seeing pasta chips in the deli area of my supermarket but hadn't tried them yet. Degustabox to the rescue! Two different types of full sized bags.  Parmesan meatball bowties and rosemary chips from Vintage Italia. Flavor and crunch without the greasy taste of traditional snack chips.

Hummustir is new to the hummus craze game.  I hope it sticks around awhile. It's such a versatile healthy condiment and dip.  This brand makes it ultra convenient as it comes packaged with no weird ingredients. Just already smooth bean paste, tahini, and seasoning. You can mix it anywhere in the container it comes in, stirring stick included.


Turkey Perky Jerky  in tasty teriyaki  is tender, moist and flavorful-with NO PRESERVATIVES.

fig bar.JPG

I am a BIG FAN of fig bars. This raspberry fig with a wheat crust elevates the whole fig newton situation to grown up status.  Hands down my favorite thing in the box this month.

Welch's fruit roll tape is a fun way to give your kids a fruit snack.  Sherwood's curry for a quick delicious weeknight meal (I made it with tofu and vegetables) and Sundrops candy coated chocolate.

*This box is received in exchange for my honest opinions.