Cook Like A Pro. Ina Garten returns with a new show.

The setting: A kitchen almost every home cook envies : The Garten Hampton's farmhouse.

The music: Keys of the piano we know (and love).  

The content: Moar Chiken.  

Arguably Ina Garten is the queen of roasted chicken recipes.  Jonathan Waxman may be in the running for top spot but this post is about Ina Garten and her new Food Network show "Cook Like a Pro."  It's really the same show she's done for years on the Food Network and that formula still works no matter what title you give it. She's very easy like Sunday morning viewing. 

Ina's smile, simple elegant food and visual lifestyle appeal all transport you for half an hour to the Hamptons.  No drudgery talk of kids (Ina and her husband are childfree), no pesky weeds seem to grow in her magical garden that grows everything except unicorns and no friends with food allergies stopping by.  It's all flowers, table linens and PG-rated laughs.  Ina is not low fat, vegan or overly extravagant with her food preparations (you know how some chefs can get all Martha Stewart and have 37 ingredients in every recipe).  

Her food is approachable both to cook and to eat. This formula works for her and for most of us.  I recall years ago one friend told me some people in her crowd found Ina snobby because she would tell viewers to use "good" olive oil.  God forbid you get yours from costco.  You will be the shame of your neighborhood for that. To Ina's credit, her recipes are so simple all the components must be good quality or you dish will taste subpar.  Like costco chicken instead of Hamptons chicken. How gauche. 

What will you learn in Cook Like a Pro?

Carving chicken like a pro. Well, she's done that before.  

Clarifying butter. Yep been there done that.

What about aerating chicken livers into mousse with a cuisinart food processor?  Maybe but good to watch again if you want to make snobbery food like pate. Chicken livers are ghetto but if you add cognac and clarified butter you can charge 7x the price. Trust me I have.

Roasting chicken breasts for chicken salad.  Many many MANY times before but new viewers, this is a good tip. In fact I believe she built her former catering business on her roasted chicken salad. 

Nothing new here but you know what? I didn't want anything new. I love Ina just as she always has been and so do the rest of us. <3