Charcoal glue mask fad - I tried it

I am already a little obsessed with activated charcoal. I keep it in a jar in my bathroom to clean my teeth and gums. (I have a Youtube on this if you haven't seen it yet) . Use this and you really hardly ever have to go to the dentist. BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO FLOSS. Sorry to break the news there is no way to get out of the deed.  I got this jar below at Crate & Barrel for about $3.  I buy my charcoal at a health food store that sells it in the bulk area.  I buy 2 ounces at a time. Having more than that in my home is just asking for an accident that can't be cleaned out of the carpet.

Now to the nitty gritty.   I started to see the homemade face mask made from non-toxic school glue and charcoal all over Youtube. I don't have kids nor do I do the type of crafting that uses glue so I had to buy some.  Grocery stores and drug stores carry it for $2 or less. Basically this mask is about 15 cents per use.  

I am not trying this because of facial skin concerns

I am not the ideal candidate for this mask. Not on my face anyway. I've never had acne, I have no visible blackheads and certainly no wrinkles (yet).   I was trying this out of frustration with my sweat-between-my-boobs condition. I workout everyday. I love walking /running and do some weight training and yoga every day or every other day. When you have big natural boobs they are always touching and create a sweat situation nonstop -- unless you're naked.  I wanted to try the purifying power of charcoal on the sweat bumps I have been noticing. Exfoliation and lactic peels are doing nothing to resolve the situation and the tissue is too delicate for topical daily facial remedies.

It mixes easily enough but I caution if charcoal is new to you it is messy no matter what you do. There are ways to minimize the black cloud of soot it makes. It is the texture of cornstarch but it's jet black. I put a drop of water in the bowl with the charcoal before adding the glue. With my bowl in the kitchen sink I stirred slowly to combine. You do need an application brush and you need to slather it on THICK which I learned the hard way. It's not going to peel off well if it's not painted on thick like you're pouring a tar parking lot.  

I LOVE this brush for applying thicker masks in general. It sucks for foundation but it's beautiful for masks. A fan brush is better for acid peels.

Spot treating

 I mixed equal parts glue and charcoal.  Brushed it on my T Zone areas, because why not, and then down to the area of concern.  The sweat issue is a problem again. The mask won't dry because it's warm and moist in the boob cave. My face dried in about 5 minutes (if I did it as thick as it should have been it would have taken 10 minutes). I will warn if you have a peach fuzz face you may feel discomfort when peeling off and for the love of god keep it away from your brows and hairline. I have had dermaplaning done several time so my facial fuzz is nil.  Pain doesn't bother me but if you are sensitive maybe shave your face down before applying.

After peeling I will say my facial skin was extra smooth and glowing where I peeled.  After 90 minutes 80% of the chest mask was still just as wet when I put it on. I tried laying down to let it dry but nope. Fanning? nope. Eventually I had to remove it with a warm damp rag but I did still get the detoxing benefit of the charcoal.  It did help! It's two days later now and I see a difference. I will repeat the treatment with charcoal and water paste twice a week and report back.  I would not hesitate to use this on someone with back acne or blackheads. It would take a whole bottle of glue and a full ounce of charcoal but still inexpensive if you're on a budget.

I will use this mask on my face before a special makeup application. It is non-irritating and makes makeup go on super smooth and doesn't strip your skin. My skin is normal to dry and still felt dewey 2 hours later.

I do not recommend rinsing charcoal off in the shower or bath because it will leave a mess. I do it in my kitchen sink because nothing stains stainless steel.  Wash it off your hands in your kitchen sink.  Rinse/soak your brush and mixing bowl in glass or steel mini bowl.