The FDA is trying to define "healthy" and you get to have a say

So what the heck does "healthy" mean anyway? It's becoming one of those words like beauty. It's in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder. 

Is it a plant based diet? I think we can universally agree fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy but what about the other things we are mindfully or mindlessly stuffing in our pie hole? 

You the American citizen can weigh in here but I caution that your opinion be very science backed and not backed by a book author without serious credentials and YEARS of evidenced research.  Many diet book gurus are fat and unhealthy.  

Food allergens and sensitivities are a touchy subject too. They may bother you but not your neighbor so that isn't a legitimate claim either. 

Many things the media says are "good for us" have been deeply influenced by various divisions of the food industry.  We have evidence dairy makes our bones weaker due to the buffering effect the body has by pulling calcium from bones to offset the acidic effect it has in our body.  But the dairy industry wants to market to us otherwise. 

  • Is there enough arsenic in rice to really be a health concern? 
  • Is a fiberone bar as beneficial as a bowl of steel cut oats?
  • Is vegan cheese better for you than dairy cow cheese?
  • Do I eat a baked potato or wild caught salmon?
  • Should I walk or lift weights or just do yoga?
  • Is avocado fat any better for us than wesson oil? Or is fat just fat and it clogs up arteries and we wear what we eat?

It's a big can of worms and I wouldn't want to be the team evaluating the responses.  This is America and you have a say.  Whatever you believe  you can say it here in the link below.  I just happen to think big businesses are going to pay money to redefine whatever definition they come up with. Again, because it is America.