Mindful eating happens the Aryuvedic way with Nalini Mehta

If you happen to live a life that has you getting home in the evening frazzled, spent, famished, shut-down  or exhausted you may very well have fallen into the trap of mindless eating.  It's ok, we all have been there at some point in our lives.  I am here to tell you that you can absolutely get out of that trap.  You know the one where you grab something to eat out of convenience, comfort eat to self soothe a bad day, attempt to forget long tumultuous traffic or just lingering your thoughts in general worry rather than focus on the here and now.  If we can't change our circumstances we certainly can change how we look at them.  

This vicious cycle can be broken and it can be done gently and effectively if you just tweak your evening routine a bit. Yes it is that simple. Really.

Nalini Mehta will show you exactly how to achieve this in her class, The Art of Mindful Eating, An Introduction to Aryuvedic Cooking.  This is not just any interactive  cooking class, this is a whole life-altering experience.  When we know better we do better and Nalini shifts your focus to calm and the way to keep that gentle relaxed feeling going through your entire meal preparation process. You will find her charismatic without being exhausting. She will engage your mind and senses as you gain a new awareness of your life and your body as she has you experience how to bring more mindfulness and peace into your day to day routine. Oh, and there is delicious food to enjoy in the process.  Foods that nourish the body, calm your energy and have healing properties. I mean, why would you put more junk in an already stressed body? That isn't doing you any favors.

Nalini teaches in home, a variety of courses offered at Emory University and corporate team building functions. She works with the  Art of Living as well as her own business Route to India. You can see her rave reviews on Yelp when she was sharing her gifts in San Francisco and now we are so fortunate to have her sharing them in Atlanta. Every city needs some Nalini!

A Deeper Experience

Another option I'd like to introduce my readers to because I am such a big believer, AND LIVER of this practice is the YesPlus seminar.  It is part of the Art of Living program (so you know it's legit).  This is where attendees can learn real life skills in a 4 day submersive program. Reading about these practices is all well and good but to really get them to hit home and STICK in your life you must experience them for them to make an impact. Feel what they can do for your mind and body and have the tools to take the skills with you for the rest of your life.

"Stress can come in any forms - deadlines at work, straining relationships, work-life balance or just traffic! YesPlus brings to you a dynamic self-development workshop which combines ancient yoga and breathing techniques with life-skills building activities and games that are designed to reduce stress, increase efficiency and enhance creativity. Yesplus is a 20-hour immersive self-development workshop which has been conducted on more than 40 US university campuses including MIT, Purdue and Harvard."

I love LOVE that they are offering spirituality awareness and useful techniques to bring more enlightenment to adults of all ages that will improve every area of life.  Simple  techniques you use anytime and anywhere to restore balance when  life takes you off track. This workshop is one where students have a take home practice that they do everyday for 20 minutes and there are weekly follow up sessions offered by the YesPlus club. To me this is so important because habits take time to develop and students are supported as they build these lifelong skills. College students will find this especially useful but we well seasoned adults will benefit greatly from the practices taught in the workshop as well. 

I will add that for  2 years now I meditate daily, if not multiple times and nothing rattles me anymore.  I feel great every single day and sleep like a champ every night. Optimism is my way of thinking as a habit. That is my wish for everyone reading this today. If you have been feeling the need for some change to your hectic, stressed or even unsatisfying life this could be your next step to do it.  It is a process but we have to start somewhere to enjoy real change in the right direction.

More info on the 4 day submersive program: https://www.artofliving.org/us-en/program/140997

To your health!