Tis the season to bake and I have my favorite cookie book at work again.

Happy Holidays my readers and friends!

If you've ever gandered at my favorites page you will see this book, the only book in that collection.  This year I am not baking quite the usual variety because I am too busy working on my business annual review but I AM baking. 4 items to be exact. 

Almost all from the Great Cookies book by James Beard Award Winner, Carole Walter.  Chocolate Coconut Devils, Cheese Cracklies and Vanilla Hornschen.  Chocolate bottom salted caramels are my own recipe of candy.

A tip for flavorful cookies is to roast and grind up your own nuts instead of buying nut flour (I am using hazelnuts instead of almonds in my hornschen/meltaways)  and I make my own confectioner's sugar with the nutribullet. No additives, just pure melty sweetness. It takes just a few seconds of blitzing to get granulated sugar to turn into powder.

roasted hazelnut flour meal

Happy Baking!