Treat Your Feet Buckhead. A review.

I admit I am one of those people that doesn’t like their feet touched. AT ALL. I even flinch when my cat gets too close.  Shoe store? Thanks but I will put them on myself.  I wanted a new massage experience and got over myself for a few minutes to feel the benefits of reflexology and lower leg massage at Treat Your Feet spa.

The lobby has a seating area and a front desk with scrubs-clad 548male and female providers waiting to serve clients.   I had booked a deep tissue full body massage after my hour-long treat your feet signature service.   This is strictly a massage business. No beauty services. There are almost as many male clients as female clients.

 One of the foot massage rooms. Dimly lit during treatment hours.

One of the foot massage rooms. Dimly lit during treatment hours.

I was escorted down a long quiet hall, modern spa décor with spa music piped into every soundproofed room.  I passed dimly lit service rooms (including rooms for couples) and group foot massage rooms until I reached my room. There are 8 chairs in this one, some privacy curtains and a sliding door to close for additional darkness and to minimize disturbance.  The leather chairs are very spacious feeling and physically VERY large. Equipped each with a towel and blanket for additional comfort and modesty. My provider brought a bucket of decidedly hot water. I had the wrong pants on for this –leggings. They ask you to pull your pant legs up as high as you can and these would have strangled my circulation had I done it up to my knees so I changed into a towel wrap.   My feet were washed with a light scrub in the bucket, dried gently then legs lifted onto a large ottoman and he began to start the process. I closed my eyes and focused on the music so I wouldn’t be averse to the foot touching and allow for the reflexology to work.  He hit all the points between and on top of each toe then deep high-pressure strokes and I began to feel it impacting my body.  My lower arms tingled. At several points my mouth felt tingling.  I nodded off about halfway in, that spa music is like a tranquilizer. More people came in and talked softly as they got settled.

People who added on upper body massage had finished up midway during my time and quietly were escorted out of the room.  After my lower legs got some intense pressure strokes he covered my legs and disappeared for a few moments.  He returned with large hot rock-like discs and ran them over my soles then on all sides of my calves. They are smooth and infused another energy in my body, my mouth tingled again.  I was wondering if I was a toxin release.  I felt myself nodding off again as he continued to work my legs.  My jacked up ankle that I forgot I jacked up hiking 4 days early was back to normal now. My wonky middle toe was less wonky. I guess  I had to let someone fix it because it wasn’t going to fix itself.  I was glad I didn’t have to go back out into the world after this, I was going into a full body massage room.

After a few more moves he put spa slippers on my feet and escorted me into the room I would get my next service in.  I disrobed and laid face down on a heated massage table. He covered my head gently with a cloth so none of the massage oil would get in my hair nor would my hair get in the way of him pulling the tension out of my muscles.  He had his work cut out for him. I workout a lot. The same service provider did my body massage and he was very thorough and professional respecting modesty (as much as you can when one is laying naked on a table).  He climbed on the table to put the force of his body into his hands as he worked the tension out of my back, shoulder, and thighs.  Hot stones came into play again on both my back and my feet. Those stones stay HOT, not just kinda warm.  He finished with working some pressure points on my forehead and eye sockets. I kinda like that.   Job well done, sir.

One hour foot massage is $40 and one Hour massages start at $60. My deep tissue was a little more with good reason.

Definitely going back and taking friends.