BLT Steak, an update.

I had a really lovely experience my first time at BLT well over a year ago. I had always been sorry no steak graced my table that evening and was determined to return to correct that.

I had not forgotten the sublime decor. Spacious yet cozy. I want to sit here all night. In fact, I may do just that. I pass the seafood bar. It is alive and well along with the glass encased wine cellar. This pleases me.

On the table, served just before those famous football sized popovers, is a jar of chicken liver pate. It is divine even by liver hating standards. Seasoned highly with brandy, herbs and spice you don't get liver as the first note. In fact I suspected it was liverwurst and not chicken liver. If elegance had a flavor it is this on toasts.

Wedge salad is cool and crisp dressed with bacon and peaches. Dressing was lacking but overall not bad. Peaches are in season and I like to see them in every possible application this time of year.

The real star of my meal came with the entree course. Uber creamy polenta seasoned generously with nutmeg.  How have I never had this before!? It will be in my life with great frequency now because it left such an impression. It was one of those flavor profile moments that causes complete silence because the tastebuds are overwhelmed.  Beside it a perfectly cooked steak with another highly, and spectacularly flavored item: cabernet sauce.  This is why we go to steakhouses isn't it? Classics done impeccably well.  The parmesan gnocchi is fairly light, highly creamy and generously doused with parmeasan. 

Chocolate mousse delivered in a chocolate dome. That works thank you very much. Lemon verbena ice cream melting over peaches is another happy placement of seasonal peaches. Again, many thanks there too.

Service continues to be a little unsuited to fine dining. Perhaps service expectations of a modern steakhouse versus a classic steakhouse shouldn't be the same?