King + Duke. A review.

Remember Nava? Yeah it's not there anymore. Ford Fry has King and Duke in its place.  Farm to table is always welcome but this may be the last place in metro ATL I'd expect to find it. 

You will smell the firey goodness before you even open the front door and it will stay with you until you drive away.  The former upper level dining is now private dining. In case you need to know that for future private dining reference. Dozens of people ask me where to go for groups and I can add this to that list.  This is a big space but manages to feel perfectly cozy. Wrap booths and tables in each sectioned area. 


The bar and wine list are nothing short of formidable. You'll even find rare California reds on the list.  


It's impressive to me that my server is so in love with the food he's serving that he can barely contain the joy. I hope when I cook my servers feel this excitement. I am a little jealous in that regard.


The food here is made with a lot of love and you can taste it. The sticky chicken wings take 36 hours to get to your table. The artichoke is roasted in the flame.  The bread found its way over from Holeman and Finch. The soup onions are roasted.  I was surprised the mayo is of Helman's ilk vs one from the robotcoup (that's a food processor).

It is indeed beef day at our table. The house burger is made from the trimmings of fine cuts and fat basted while it cooks to your desired temp. It's as satisfying as you want a burger to be. Unadorned in all its glory.
The woodroast steak sandwich almost tastes light despite the drape of gruyere. The ciabatta roll is so full of airy pockets yet sturdy enough to show the beef who the boss is. Tender, flavorful and all around fulfilling. 


There is a salted caramel brownie sundae on the menu that is a must. The caramel is homey delicious and fresh dense whipped cream makes it feel like comfort in a glass. Shame about that chemical laden cherry on top. Easy enough to toss off then again what is a sundae with no cherry?


I am here at lunchtime and noise level is minimal despite a full house.  I imagine when the bar is full and diners are full of libations that the noise level doubles but this is mere speculation. I expect you'd still be able to talk comfortably to your dining companions.


Don't miss this one. It's got winner all over it.


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