Intermittent fasting quickly lowered my blood pressure.

A few weeks ago I was informed, to my shock, I have some hellaciously high blood pressure. Me who is cool as a cucumber, eats well, sleeps well, exercises regularly. That is not enough. My workaholic self has taken over and having your own businesses comes with its own pleasures as well as horrors. You know exactly what I mean if you have your own business. Or three.

Since that day I have aggressively executed operation lower my blood pressure. I don't know that everyone who has this condition takes it as seriously as they should. Just because it is a silent killer doesn't mean it is any less of a killer. It is silently wreaking havoc inside your body in many ways.

My readers know I don't do traditional medicine (unless I break a bone I won't be going to a traditional MD). How do I want to naturally get my pressure back to good? I opted to go down the intermittent fasting road.  That whole eating 5-6x a day nonsense hasn't done anything good.  My blood sugar is still unstable these past 30 years. What is this thing called intermittent fasting? Simply timing when you do and do not eat food.  (see more info here

I found for me personally the 5:2 plan works most favorably. The 5 days I eat regularly are the days I do HIIT training for a solid hard 20 minutes and added in some strength training 2-3x a week.  My 600 calorie fast days I took it easy.  Within that first week the most immediate bonus was how very calm my mind felt. All the tight heaviness of stress was 100% gone. I felt full of joy and light.  Mental focus was razor sharp and my appetite was going down. I wanted less food on my eating days (I kept my food choices healthy unless I was eating out on occasion)  By the end of week 2 my blood sugar stabilized. I was sure I was just fall over on my low calorie days but, in fact, it was the exact opposite feeling.  Once you realize it's ok to be a little hungry you don't obsess about "needing" a snack.  You'll eat soon, or tomorrow, just sip something with carbonation or warm no calorie drink and it quickly upasses. It's refreshing not to worry about having to plan meals as often too.  I'd like to call it the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE for how it makes me feel.

FF now 5 weeks later. Back in the dentists office and I really was eager to see my blood pressure change, if any.  Results? 10 points down both top and bottom numbers! 2" of my waist to boot. It was quite easy and certainly sustainable for life. I expect by August my numbers will be in the healthy range. Just a tiny bit more to go and this current 126/88 will be 120/80. I will report again in August/September.