Lure. A review.

Another gem on crescent complete with what I call Crescent Street Dining. Indoor outdoor options for those that like some al fresco ambiance. Minimal exhaust perfuming your food here.  Inside is lovely, full bar, tall bar tables and regular dining tables and booths fill the room. It's also very loud. My service was full on attentive and a knowlegeable about both menu and bar items (including wine). Off to a great start. It's a weeknight, early one, and it's already a full house.

I had resolved to not drink alcohol for a week two days earlier but it's not realistic to eat GOOD seafood without wine. Not for me.  I am glad I was forgiving with myself because the wine options are SOLID.  Punch bowl drinks that pack a no pun punch and offer a great value when you have multiple drinkers in your party. Beer and craft cocktails are notable in the lineup too.

 Pickled beet salad sports wonderful cubes of beets dressed with creamy vidalia onion and crunch crushed hazelnuts. Watercress and shaved fennel finish it off. Nice in this sweltering heat.  I had my heart set on fried clam bellies. they did not disappoint. Don't expect a basket of clams with a mystery sauce in the same boat. These are super tender sprawling clams that need only a squeeze of lemon.

Barbecue Shrimp is full body shrimp, heads and all, in a crock with the baguette pre soaked for your eating pleasure. Worstershire goodness and all around richly satisfying. The smoked seafood platter is divine. Cold smoked salmon is exquisite. Trout pate spreads like smokey fishy creme fraiche and the hot smoked bluefish is rich. My friend said the pickled shreded beets made it feel like Passover.

The hushpuppies do come in a basket but ignore the ketchup with them.  Sweet, oniony and not a trace of grease. Almost dessert good! Do not miss them.

I opted for almond ice cream with dark cherry and chocolate ice cream. Three scoops of refreshing goodness with just the right sweetness. Perfect for a summer night.

 Big thumbs up. I will be back (with a louder voice).

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