Wok n Roll. A review.

I strayed from my go to takeout/delivery Chinese food in the area due to working hours on this particular day. Wok n roll was available for the working lunch.

We found ourselves ordering the usual suspects. A good way to compare apples to apples, or in this case General Tso's to General Tso's.  

Points for fast service. Points deducted for most everything else:

The basic of fried rice (the side dish version) is flavorless, dry and a waste of space. Shame for any Asian establishment to do such a disservice to the grain. Egg roll certainly edible but forgettable. To be fair I haven't had a really exceptional egg roll in Atlanta. 

General Tso's chicken was gloppy, chewey and unimpressive in general (no pun intended).  The crab angels had an awkward tasting filling studded with green onion. I didn't care to finish them off.  Steamed dumplings were meh.  Next time I will go hungry until my go to is open from their lunch-dinner siesta.



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