Del Frisco's Grille. A review.

I was very sad to see Craft go.  Much of the great vibe of Craft still lives on in Del Frisco's Grille. You know, where the Mandarin is (btw if you have opportunity the homes in the mandarin are divine).

First sight, the wine cellar is spectacular.  Caymus, Stag's Leap, Silver hill... yeah those. It's that kind of wine selection. Bless you wine wall of greatness but not tonight. I am swillin bourbon. It's a hoppin bar scene on a Monday night and I spy a lot of expense account dinners going on.  I find it a little bi polar with the high end atmosphere but there are tv's. (I find that odd in Hal's on old Ivy too). If Caymus is in your cellar there should be no TV. Period.

I will give a bit of a spoiler alert now. I wish the wine and the atmosphere had food that was equally good. The steakhouses of Del Frisco's are about as good as they come. The grille concept isn't quite up to that level of greatness. Not yet anyway.  The menu has a nice mix of something for everyone, including creativity. 

French onion dip didn't have much flavor but the big cup of plank house made potato chips hit the spot. Pimento cheese fritters I found puzzling after eating two.  They weren't particularly hot. The coating tasted stale or maybe too thick/doughy. No warm fuzzy feeling like you would expect a cheese fritter to evoke.  

Wild mushroom flat bread has a nice flavor that I can't deny but the bread texture is a bit off. It's thick and a little chewey, borderline gummy. A bit thinner and crisper it would be  a real winning dish.  


Steakhouse salad didn't quite live up to the description. The steak itself was cooked correctly and tasty but the salad was underwhelming. The deviled eggs with it were awkward and tasted more like picnic deviled eggs than high end. The greens were fresh and vibrant. Overall it lacked oomph.

Desserts redeemed the meal to some extent. I had my eye on coconut cream pie all night. My holy grail of desserts.  Out came an enormous individual (make that enough for three) of vanilla wafer crust housing some delicious coconuty cream with a true mountain of freshly whipped cream and a tumble of shaved white chocolate. I loved it. 

The nutella bread pudding is baked individually so you get the glorious crunchy top with creamier base and an really outstanding scoop of high road creamery coffee ice cream. Pair up with with a damn fine cup of cappuccino and all is right in the world for those few sweet moments.


The staff, including hostesses were a joy, another saving grace.

I hope they tighten up in the kitchen and get the food on par with the look of the space. Right now it still needs some work.


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