Silver Skillet. A review.

Do you remember ALICE? OLD school D-I-N-E-R.  Flo and all. Nostalgia? That's pushing it. Stale more is what I'd say. Breakfast and lunch is served and, heck, you don't even have to put on lipgloss or socks to eat here. Come as you are and get  your comfort food.   For my younger readers I liken this relic to a Godzilla movie. A dinosaur perched oddly in a metropolis. A sometimes delicious dinosaur from 1956 but a dinosaur nonetheless. This city still needs to cater to some long timers as the newer more chic food spots pop up around town to appease the foodies, newcomers and culinary trends. 

The menu is basic (IE boring but not everyone is an adventuresome eater) . As one person recently told me, "change makes me anxious and very uncomfortable."  Essentially wants to eat the same food all her life, do the same job, have the same partner and live in the same home. Nothing exciting but these people exist and their food dollars go to places like Silver Skillet.

The open roast beef sandwich admittedly smelled like heaven on earth this snowy day in Midtown (well, as snowy as Atlanta can be). It tasted like a plate of comfort. The basic burger was ummm BASIC but certainly edible. It won't make the top 50 best burgers in the city list but I know I've had worse (Jean Georges being one of them). Crinkle cut fries are generic but fill the empty hole that sometimes comes with a burger craving. I didn't smell smoke in there but wouldn't be at all surprised to see a patron or staff member lighting up.

This place is reasonably if not VERY busy at all hours they are open. Lack of area competition or just comfort food in a comfort booth? You tell me. Silver skillet has had a place in Atlanta for over 50 years and I suspect will still have one for the next decade (or two).



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