Scalini's. A review.

There are about a third of dining establishments I've been to in my life that I have returned to for ONE SINGLE ITEM which I refer to as The Sure Thing. Scalini's has one of those gems: garlic rolls.

My readers know I generally avoid all things Italian but I have been to Scalini's multiple times for these rolls and found myself actually enjoying the other food on the menu.

It's cozy in here. Smells get your appetite ramped up. Certainly you get many of the usual suspects you expect on an Italian menu.  Chicken, veal, Eggplant and yes pasta.  Artichoke hearts are generically good.  Calamari crisp and not too oily or tough. 

If you like pasta the options are gorgeous but I don't. I do however enjoy many  meaty Italian dishes like chicken and veal scallopini. The Francese is a generous portion and tender, flavorful and all around satisfying. The salad that comes with the meal is crisp and light. Cuts through the heaviness that many Italian entrees tend to be.  That didn't stop me from cleaning my plate though (ok I did share a few bites but most of it I consumed myself).

Marsala, again , generous portion. More good satisyfing flavor and tender chicken. Can I have more of those crack garlic rolls I can't seem to stop eating? Thank you attentive server.  Don't worry about refilling the water glass, refill that roll basket.  If you're sharing one of the generous entrees you can get an a la carte add on of the salad and rolls (are you seeing a pattern here?). You will certainly want your own portion of both.

Apparently there is some magic juju in their eggplant parmigiana as it has caused women to go into labor. If you have that stubborn pregnancy you can't seem to get birthing on its own, eat a plate of this and you will be on your way to the delivery room in no time at all!

I was thrilled to see risotto crema for dessert. That is rice pudding to you and  me. Delicious creamy and just what I had no room for but ate it anyway. Yum.

Yes I am going back for more rolls.


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