Meehan's Vinning's. A review.

This location has a much smaller interior but the outdoor seating is fantastic. If you haven't in in the past 6 months give it a try again. Chef Val has come over from the Sandy Springs location and the quality food he puts out came with him. Lots of cheery staff and attentive service!

Chef Val Domingo does a special menu periodically to keep the creative juices flowing. I happened to be in when the newest addition was launched. I heard about this infamous truffle burger last week and have been beyond curious to try it.

I don't know of my surprise to see lobster bisque on a pub menu is unjust but I ordered it anyway. It's by far my favorite soup.  Even more surprising is this is certainly one of the better versions I've had. I had to do a double take to make sure I was in fact in an Irish pub. Rich with house made lobster stock, sherry, old bay and cream. Shellfish meat pieces stud the soup which quite frankly doesn't even need seafood pieces in it to make it incredible. Don't miss a bowl of this.




Pork belly poutine is Chef Val's twist on this Canadian comfort staple. Crisped up lardon of pork belly garnishes this plate of comfort fries, red wine gravy and cheese curds. I won't like, this is a bowl of sin but you won't stop eating it once you start. top it with an egg and you can call it breakfast!  Get a pint of your favorite brew and chow down (maybe not at breakfast but I am not judging).



 Irish curry chicken over saratoga chips. Curry, Irish, chips? yes yes yes.  This curry isn't the heavy coconut cream based curry you're used to. It's somewhat brothy, red and yellow curry powder mix and that garam masala really shines.  Lots of tender white meat chicken studs this spiced dish. The house chips are a nice unexpected touch. The vegetables (carrot, chickpeas, green peas and celery) are vibrant with texture.  It's not the mushy Indian takeout you may know and love. It's lighter and brighter.     





 Now for this burger!  Out came this monstrous heavenly dressed sandwich.  Piled high with house made boursin, crispy fried onions and spring greens this very juicy truffle laced grain fed patty all came together in one satisfying brioche-y good bite.  






Not to be outdone was a fantastic warm blue cheese and walnut studded slaw. I couldn't stop eating it! How it is warm yet still crunchy baffles me a bit but it works.    




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