Tin Drum Cafe. A buckhead location review.

I have been to the Dunwoody location and rather enjoyed it as far as fast chains go.  This location is in the strip mall with Fresh Market and Ace Hardware. 

It is clean, the same decor as other locations (hey chain do aim for consistency) and same menu. 

The menu gives me a bit of ocular whiplash. While I do understand the desire to feel hip, cool and push the bar of the house graphic design department, menus should not be WORK to decipher. Sometimes just chosing something appealing out of a group of dishes is tough enough when they are lined up perfectly. I warn you, you should know going in if rice or noodles is your game. That will keep whiplash to a minimum. 

This time I opted for beloved Masaman curry. I am of the opinion that if your chef adds black pepper to masaman curry he should be fired instantly. Yes I do not lie. This really took away from the general comfort creaminess you look for in this dish. I was actually jarring to my tastebuds when the finish of the flavor is black pepper when you expect it to be ginger or spice.

The crab roll was a bit of a disaster . The menu suggests an addictive nature here but that would only be if you are addicted to grease and unbalanced proportion of crunch to cream. Lackluster flavor. Surely this isn't the consistency the corporate office had in mind.

I know america loves a chain and for that I won't get all food superior here but there are damn good chains out there but this isn't one of them. Staff is delightful at both locations I've been to. I will say that.

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