West Egg Cafe. A review.

In the midtown hipster area known as the westside you will find this chic industrial vibe space (typical decor in the area). It's quite large inside. Outdoor seating (of course with unpredictable Atlanta weather it is quick to be covered and heated as is necessary) is available too. 

What I really love is I can get brunch here during the week. The last thing I want to do on a Sunday is LEAVE my home. heck even leaving my bed isn't all that appealing on a sunday. What's a girl to do when she loves brunch? Why, now go to west egg on a tuesday at 11 and get my brunch-on!

You will find the usual suspects on the breakfast menu but they are really done RIGHT. over the top creamy grits with a finish of garlic. Heaven high biscuits and eggs for days. Yes there is sausage but it's turkey and it also fills the cream gravy. I didn't hate it. 

The belgian waffle rocked my world. I am certainly a waffle connisseur. I am not an egg girl. Waffles? yes please. This is a classic batter but what makes it over the top is spiced butter. I tasted what I thought wa nutmeg. It is classic comfort with a side of elegance.  I wish I got 3!  Black bean cakes are a nice option and there was some quinoa hash for the special so it is gluten free friendly if that is a concern.

Breakfast and brunch not your thing at all? Fear not. There is real lunch food there! Not to be missed is the short rib cheesesteak hoagie. Why haven't I had a short rib hoagie before?!  Generous tender short rib with mushrooms, red cooked onion, kiss of horseradish and provolone. It's big enough to share (for ladies or one hungry fella).

Coffee is very decent. Good service - plenty of staff.  I will be returning for my weekday brunch cravings.


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