Circle Sushi. A review.

You may have never seen such an attractive interior of a strip mall sushi joint in the state. The signage is nearly non existent so know what you're looking for. A road marquee feels like a teaser sometimes when you can't find the inhabitants!

It's got a very zen feeling inside. The sushi bar itself has high two seater bench stools (or in this case one rather zoftig gentleman filled the whole seat but takes his sushi seriously and likes to jive with the sushi chefs while enjoying their creations). Otherwise the seating is comfortable and varied. I am quite impressed with how the small space is set up so uniquely attractive and functional. Quiet too. Sushi generally isn't kid friendly so it's a safe bet to go for a peaceful meal. AHHHH I love peaceful.

I had a giggle at the desserts appearing on the menu before the savory food. Who doesn't occasionally enjoy dessert before dinner? You will see a rather impressive tea menu. That's a new one for me. 

I opted for some mixed tempura as a start. It's fairly pedestrian. Circle sushi like every other Japanese joint I've ordered it at served up warm and too greasy. I ate it all with the underseasoned sauce. I had to double dip and get some soy to get more flavor into it.  A little disappointing on this one.

The roll and nigiri sections are as expansive as you'd expect as well as plenty of cooked food options (mainly fish but you will see chicken and pork as well). I got a spider roll and spicy yellowtail. The soft shell crab wasn't very soft and the temperature of the rolls were unappealing. The spicy yellowtail had no spice. I will say everything had a very fresh taste but very little flavor. The temperature was a problem with the yellowtail was off too. It is wrong of me to think raw fish should be cool at least in some parts of where they appear?  The prices are moderate, I wouldn't pay a dime more than what they charge.


I was a little disappointed considering the other good reviews I've seen over the past year but I can't agree. I give it 2.5 out of 5. I doubt I will return. Maybe for cooked food but not the raw stuff.

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