Maggiano's Little Italy. A review.

Perhaps you can appreciate this review uniquely because it comes from someone who has a deep dislike for all things Italian. 

I can't vouch for authenticity but I can vouch for flavor and at the end of that day that is what matters. It's not terribly common to find anything authentic in American. Everything for the most part has been bastardized to suit the gen pops  mass appeal. 

Maggiano's, every city and location I've been too boasts spacious interious and consistent quality. Service is a gamble as the human factor comes into play there (or is that lack of training and management?).  

I've dined in this location both as a diner and as a party guest in a private room. The food is consistent in both scenarios. I wouldn't hesitate to have a group event here. The food portions are always enough to share and without question, family style is a fun way to eat.

Rigatoni D seems to be the crowd favorite with good reason. Chicken, cream, mushrooms. Yes please. Calamari and mozz marinara are just sort of meh.  Zucchini fritte with lemon aioli I can eat all day long but it's still chain food.

Spinach salad with bacon, caramelized onions and pine nut is a favorite.  The apple cider vinagrette brings it all together nicely. I don't care for pasta or anything tomato so I pass on the majority of dishes. The veal piccata has been lovely both times I've ordered it.

Creme brulee is always fantastic and the profiteroles to me are heaven. Cream puffs with ice cream and hot fudge is just what the stress of the day needs to be kicked in the butt to get out!

It's not for a foodie but a foodie will find good eats with the gang when dragged in. Maggiano's is consistently tasty but sometimes forgettable (the curse of the chain).


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