Urban Pl8. A review.

The ever current chic industrial look. Clean and roomy inside. I was happy to see tables aren't crowded. If weather is to your liking there is outdoor seating in shade. With the light fresh fare options here you may even keep your cool out there.


now , the food:

Why don't my kale chips look and taste this good? These are fairly flat and not a mangled up mess. Fried and seasoned, served with a creamy herb dip. Finger licking good. 

The nut burger has good buzz for good reason!!! Full of mixed nuts, rice and cheese it has a spicy red pepper mayo over it and it all comes together like a beautiful song. Texture and flavor to satisfy the most hungry of people.

Falafel sandwich is on a standard pita. The balls are delicately flavored with a nice texture but if you want a nut/bean based meal I would pick the nut burger over the falafel. It's dressed with pico, lettuce and creamy dressing. Nice option when it's steamy hot out in Atlanta.


Side salad of tender baby greens (not a spec of radicchio to be found thank heavens) and gold raisins and sunflower seeds. Light herby vinagrette on the side works perfectly to balance everything while still tasting light.


Whipped coconut milk chocolate pudding with blueberries is a sinful but not oversweet ganache like pudding. I've never had anything like it.  Intense deep chocolate flavor with incredible mouthfeel.

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