Ringside. A review.

Believe it or not there is a "just dogs" place in the ATL.  Buckhead specifically near Fellini's.  No burgers here. You will walk in to find a fun environment with cheerful staff, guest dancing and relaxing.  Just big, long and paired with a soft potato grilled bun that snuggles your choice sausage to perfection. You likely will only need one. 

Among the weiner options are spicy chicken, spicy sausage, veggie, beef and more couture dogs. The beef dog is a solid staple. nice beefy flavor and mild. Spicy italian has some heat but it won't blow your head off. Good option if you want more than a standard americana.

Lots of slaw varieties,  skin on fries (no onion rings unfortunately) floats, shakes (chocolate, vanilla and stawberry or mix up any combo of the three).  Chocolate shake has a classic thickness and depth of flavor. No frills comforting and pairs up well with all the eats at Ringside. 

 I will be back!

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