Yogli Mogli. A review.

The strip mall that used to house Freshens. To me that is the gold standard of frozen yogurt.  This is a self service yogurt joint. Sometimes not all the machines are in order.  It seemed like every flavor was fat free (that is against nature) and just forgettable. The toppings, while numerous, feel generic (do I expect to see curry powder and szechuan peppercorns!? ).   If you have kids and/or don't mind kids you may give it a try and enjoy it. They have less discerning palates. 

I do like the self serve concept though. Or maybe I have just gotten too comfortable with self checkouts at the grocery store. 

I won't be going back. I am a coldstone kind of girl.  Maybe I can talk those mixmasters  into letting me mix my own. :)

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