Cheesecake Factory (Buckhead) . A review.

Of course being Buckhead you get bells and whistles the other metro locations do not have: Valet parking and two floors. It's Buckhead. Of course a separate upstairs bar is necessary. In addition to the novel they call a food menu there is a substantial and tasty drink menu.  I do like the basics of straight bourbon and gin and tonic but here is a whole host of vacation inspiried drinks. Rum and fruit heavy you can escape the city bustle in your mind if only for the 20 minutes it takes to down a mai tai or caribbeann cooler.  Your resolve needs to weaken so you order from some place other than the skinnylicious menu and a cocktail is a good way to do it.

Glamburgers, signatures dishes and salads always put on a good showing. My tried and true at any location is the chicken and biscuits.   I am happy to see things like kale salad and beets with goat cheese. Although why more is being added to this already exhaustively big menu I don't know.  Sometimes ordering here stresses me out.  People don't need THAT many choices.

What they do right:  aside from really impressively delicious desserts, mashed potatoes are delicious. skin on red and seasoned well.  Salads: Big, flavorful and well dressed. Signature dishes. They are a signature for a reason. Brunch: Tasty options and it's a nice place to be on a Sunday morning when everyone else is still in bed or at church. Orange chicken, chicken and biscuits (pass on the cajun chicken littles), 

The outdoor seating here you wil want to pass on. It looks out over busy Peachtree and can kill the mood of some good food and converstation with others at your table.

There's other unique options in the area but when you want tried and true this one is always a hit.

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