Ippolito's. A review.

I will get past my extreme aversion to Italian food and be ojective here. 

Ippolitio's has been around for years.  The masses enjoy this homey italian restaurant. My guess  is not America's seemingly extreme obsession with Italian food but rather the GARLIC KNOTS.  They are the bread basket filled joy that dreams can be made of. If bread is your jam that is. Heck , bread isn't my jam but these twitsted up balls of magic seasoned bread put a spell on me too. 

You will find the usual suspects on the menu. Variations of red sauced pasta, fried calamari, iceberg charged salads, pizza and stromboli. I dig the Pepe appetizer. A spicy Italian sausage wrapped in dough, brushed with honey, baked and served on some red. I took it out of the red and ate it dry. Yum.  Creamy pesto option is nice over tortellini. Can you tell I have an aversion to all things tomato? There are options for us red fruit haters at Ippolito's. Alfredo is another one. Linguine with broccoli and shimp cavatelli are both decent options as well.  Carb much?

I've  only had the tiramisu from the big and inviting dessert menu. It's fine but not 4 star. Overall Ippolito's is a step above Olive Garden hell.  

Staff is friendly and it's always cozy to hang out for your meal in there.  I'll be back from time to time for my garlic knot fix. 

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