Cheesecake Factory (Cumberland). A review.

This is one chain I really enjoy.  This location not so much. I haven’t decided if it’s the clientele in the area, it’s a bit darker here, the food is just a hair less tasty than the Buckhead or Perimeter location or just the overall vibe.

You will find the standard business model that is the Cheesecake Factory here. Large space, lots of noise/energy, big arse menu with not just something for everyone but a dozen things for everyone.  I had shepherd’s pie the last visit and it wasn’t quite as good as everything else I’ve tried. Not terrible but the meat was greasy and even a bit strange. I love the chicken and biscuits (creamy sauced chicken with mushrooms and peas along with a big sweet white biscuit). Fried chicken salad is a favorite.  Orange chicken is nice. Salmon with herb crust is a gamble.

As if the menu weren’t expansive enough I can still say thank goodness the skinnylicious menu is rolled out. Considering I always want what is the most high cal dish (chicken and biscuits) it’s nice to have a healthy list of options to tempt me away from my go-to entrée.  You’ll see tasty eats like grilled artichoke, lettuce wraps, tartare and flatbreads.  Ladies who lunch and men who workout appreciate these things.  I do all that but I still want chicken and biscuits.  They could edit out some of the Asian inspired options as they have been inconsistent in goodness.

Service is generally solid. Drinks stay full. Food comes out in a reasonable amount of time and the desserts are always killer good.  I will likely return when in the area and have big appetite for a huge portion. Make sure you have a free hand for a doggie bag. I have yet to leave one of these places without one.

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