Slopes. A review.

This Sandy Springs location I don’t find to be as tasty as the one on Crossville Road.  This one is in a strip mall across from Goodwill.

It’s standard décor.  Walk up counter service or dining area. This location is always a bit dark inside. Service is fine. I’ve done dine in and take out.

The ribs have been utterly disappointing both times. Texture is off, flavor is lacking. No technique there.  The chicken suffers the same problem. *sigh* This is south for godsake. Get it together slopes! This is what I would expect from some place fully staffed with Notherners.

Sides. Slaw is fine (it’s hard to mess that up). Greens are no bueno. Potato salad is edible for forgettable. After two tries I just can’t go back.  Shame, it’s a good location but the potential is unrealized.

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