Buford Highway Farmer's Market. A review.

A cook's happy place. At least this chef thinks so. I feel very happy when I am here.

I am beyond thrilled this market renovated over the past couple of years. It has been my long standing go-to for  Hispanic and Asian special ingredients and produce. It’s more white bread American friendly than it used to be. My first visit I needed one of my Korean friends to go with me and decipher most of what I was looking at.

The dairy sections (yes there are multiple) are a heaven for dairy lovers. One is Hispanic focused and the other is Russian.  Oh the things many cultures do with milk! All cultures benefit from this.

The seafood department is spectacular. Spectacularly large that is. It's like a concert of the seas.  Reasonable prices and the best fresh salmon (nova scotia) I have found.  You will find all sorts of fresh and frozen sea creatures. Chilled and packaged Asian necessities like spices, umaboshi plums, wet noodles, rice, seaweeds, soy, etc.  It’s all there. 

Meats: You will find traditional American and special cuts more familiar to other cuisines all at low prices. Organic isn't really what you come here for. Tripe and squid is.

Sure you can get your loaf of bread, eggs, dish detergent and cola.  That isn't why you come here though. It's a really GREAT one stop shop and then some.

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