Fickle Pickle. A review.

In the outside the perimeter culinary mecca of downtown Roswell you will find the Fickle Pickle.  It’s impossibly charming. Warning to adults, it is very kid friendly so keep that in mind when dining there. It’s an old house and walls peppered with local art for sale.  The staff is all smiles and sunshine. Parking in this area is always Russian Roulette but you can usually find something closeby if not right on the ground where you are wanting to get your eat-on.

You can get take out counter service (chalkboard menu at the counter) and laminated for indoor and outdoor seating.

The side pickle is more bread and butter than dill. I can only assume to make it kid friendly. I like them just fine. The sides of iceberg wedge is more of a portion of intact iceberg with a buttermilky blue that is very mild. Potato salad is very simple and tasty, again I think to be kid friendly but I liked it very much.  Creamy but not gloppy mayo dress with very fine dice of onion.

Roast beef cold sandwich is on bakery sourdough with blue cheese, arugula and raw onion. One delicious restaurant style deli sandwich.  The bread has a nice spongy interior and crust chewy exterior. 

Creole Cuban Panini is on the same bakery sourdough. Full of all things you want out of a Cuban sandwich. Smoked turkey, ham, swiss, pickle and a cream creole spiced spread.   It’s hearty and satisfying. I love the kick of spice in it.

Staring you down are irresistible baked treats for dessert.  Brownies, blondies, cupcakes and half a dozen types of big homey style cookies.  Delicious homemade taste and a perfect ending to comfort food you will find in here.

I don’t know if I will go back due to my aversion to kids but if you don’t mind that or want a place to take your kids go on in to Fickle Pickle. They have a kiddie menu and high chairs your little bundle(s).

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