Smashburger. A review.

Located at Roswell Road and Hammond Drive is the Sandy Springs location. It's your standard walk up and order, seat yourself burger joint. they offer salads , chicken "burgers" and a black bean patty option for all you non cow eaters.

2 other customers inside yet still bad service. I don't know how this happens in the service industry but it does.

Food: The regular burger was very reminiscent of Wendy's but drier (and more expensive). Unremarkable bun, lettuce and onions were fresh but the meat itself was dry and very thin and zero flavor.

The rosemary fries are tasty. Average serving size (not like the avalanche you get at 5 Guys). Cut is on the thin side in case fry size matters to you. I know every burger joint likes to cut them their own way to stand out.

Black bean burger lacked flavor and the avocado was sliced so thin it melted in the warmth of the sandwich and was completely lost. Waste of money and calories.

I cannot recommend Smashburger in Sandy Springs. Smashburger on Urbanspoon