King of Pops. A review.

You've seen them, if you could peek through the thick mass of people to see the cart at your favorite farmer's market. You've seen the line if you haven't seen the actual pop cart. Perhaps you've been to one of the stores.  Yes, it's worth the wait. 

These aren't kid pops (although they have flavors red and purple for the youngsters that haven't developed an adult palate yet), they are handmade thoughtfully crafted flavors to appeal to the Atlanta foodies (as well as in Athens and Charleston).  I am told the chocolate sea salt is the most popular and it's easy to see why. Rich chocolate creamy flavor with a kiss of sea salt to balance it out and add complexity.   The banana puddin is wildly popular as well. Are you surprised? this is the south and it's hella delish.

more grown up tastes:


coconut lemongrass
blood orange
Arnold Palmer (sweet tea and lemonade of course!)
grapefruit mint

mexican chocolate

 Add King of Pops to your must have summer refreshments list. 

 the only evidence that remains


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