Octane @ The Jane. A review.


This place makes me kind of wish it were either in my neck of the woods or that I lived in the Grant Park area. I’d be a regular.  I am total coffee whore. I always end up at you know where because it’s consistently good and the mom and pops just can’t compare. I would like to support small business but unless their product is as close to as good as the mass producer product I can’t give them my dollar. My palate trumps my philanthropic side every time. Hey I am a chef and food writer--- what do you expect?  It's spacious, bright and for after noon and evening there is a full bar for cocktails so everyone in the group gets what beverage they want.

The space is a gorgeous clean warehouse softened by delicious baked goods from Little tarts bakery and coffee ground fresh passed thru the sleeves in its own sweet time. One must wait for a perfect cup. I am ok with that. As I say with those 30 minute meals, “you can’t make anything good in 30 minutes!” drip station. I had to borrow from The Food Abides as my droid is broken for on the fly shots.

You will pay the same if not a slightly higher price for this crafty coffee but who cares.  They have rent to pay and coffee to make. Goodness must be supported. My latte was smooth, rich, perfectly decorated dense foam and the drinking temp was as good as it gets. Damn. They have some coffee game!

I will be back as much as possible Octane. You have another fan.

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