The Little Tart Bakeshop. A review.

You can find these darling treats at both Octane in Grant Park and at One of the many fabulous farmer's markets in metro Atlanta. 

The assortment of baked goods is nothing short of spectacular. Sweet and savory as any self respecting bakery should be. You will find croissants, open savory vegetable tarts and hand pies, cookies, giant meringues, gougeres, cookies and my favorite, salted caramel nut tart. You will even see bacon fat popcorn at the Octone coffee shop location. 

The giant gougeres are DELICIOUS. Eggy tender cheesy interior with a brown deep cheesy flavor outside. Flecks of chive inside give it nice balance in case you’re the rare person that gets overwhelmed by TOO MUCH cheese. Yes I have met a person or two that complains of this. I did resist the urge to slap them. 

 The salted caramel nut tart is chock FULL of mixed good nuts. no peanut filler crap.  The crust is thin but dense and not flaky. the caramel is nicely liquid and the nuts are salty roasted crunchy perfection!  It's worth having. 


The chocolate cookie has an impossibly moist almost wet sandy texture but not unpleasant. good flavor and not suffering from too much sugar. I personally would prefer a bit of a crispness but otherwise a very decent bite of sweet.

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