BLT Steak. A review.

I was at an event at the Downtown W and realized BLT Steak was located in the building (separate entrance) and had to knock it off my list of to try.
It's an incredibly rich and spacious gorgeous steakhouse. Not quite as heavy and dark as typical of this food genre. It's a modern take. 


 The bar area is inviting and roomy offering a full view of the seafood bar. Oddly I am in a steakhouse and I am not having any steak, or potatoes for that matter.
Our waiter quickly proved to be extremely knowledgeable about the menu. Impressive! There was a regluar menu and seafood week menu presented (prix fix or al la cart).  The seafood menu was screaming at me. Steak would have to wait for another day.


First up, a shrimp mousse stuffed fried zuchinni blossom. This floral gem came out on a piping hot plate. no trace of grease on the blossom. Inside full and plump was a smooth slightly dense elegantly flavored shrimp filling. subtle hint of fennel and perfect seasoning. quenelle of eggplant on the side was out of place but well flavored. 
The signature football sized popovers were presented as the bread basket. they are baked with gruyere cheese and served with butter and a giant shaker of sea salt. I encourage you to dress your popover accordingly. They are eggy tender and light delicious as a popover should be. Maybe I needed to get a steak after all?
Entree was monkfish tail served in a very provencale style. petite delicate gnocchi, seared grape tomatoes and a incredble tapenade toast. The gnocchi took what could be a borderline pedestrian dish to a memorable level.  I had an extra side of brussel sprouts with cippolini onions and bacon. This flavorful homey side is peppered with chestnuts and all brought together by the item that makes everything come together in any situation. Bacon lardon.
I learned the pastry chef made the outstanding desserts at the upstairs event I attended so I had to try her creations on the BLT menu.  If you can pull of perfect French macarons I am sold on your talent.  I ordered the chocolate tart with hazelnut ice cream and salted caramel.  This is a bittersweet chocolate crust and filling. In between the filling and crust is a layer of the salty caramel.  The dark has a deep chocolate and smokey finish flavor. The silky rich ice cream perfectly compliments it.  
I will return when I am in steak state of mind. 

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