One Midtown Kitchen. A review.

I love love love ONE.  For years it has been my go to place to take any out of town guests as a first meal in town.    It is hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Expect to valet .


Open the heavy metal front door and the smell of a wood fire washes over your senses. Then you push through heavy curtains to enter the dining room.  The state is set for a memorable meal, if not a sexy one.  You see the open kitchen immediately and on the other side of the room are very large booths covered in pillows. Further back the dining area for smaller groups is studded with sexy lighting and a modern NY loft décor puts you in a mood for some stylish food.  You will notice even the staff is sexy. Lots of young handsome men dressed in black attending to your every need.

If by some miracle you can get your mind off the delicious smokey aroma head over to beautiful bar area for a cocktail. Have your regular or pick from many specialty cocktails on the menu.

The menu changes with the season but a few items are year round thank goodness as they are my favorites.

You can always find a cheese board in the starters.  It’s never disappointed me. There is a very decent wine list to pair something with your cheese.

The must have for first timers is the whole reason it smells good in there. The steak frite. This is a hangar steak sliced up and served over parmesan fries and a side carafe of shallot cabernet sauce.  It’s all around satisfying if you’re hungry. If you’re not a red meat eater for some ungodly reason the seafood has always been excellent. I’ve had outstanding fat scallops with a perfect sear and fish that brought a tear to my eye.

Under no circumstance should you miss the Kit Kat dessert. This is adult sexy as hell candy. It’s adorned with gold leaf, decadently dark chocolate and crispness comes from a light praline crunch. It’s small so you don’t feel like a whale for finishing it and all around satisfying.

One combines stylish atmosphere with solid food. I am a big fan.


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