Inc Street Food. A review.

Inc Street food is just that. Rustic satisfying bites of Mexican inspired street food. I haven’t been to the streets of Mexico so I  can’t vouch for authenticity.  This area of downtown Roswell is packed with some great eating and Inc is a welcome addition to the area. It is ultra casual (this is street eating) with a neighborhood drinking hole feel. Borderline dive and I mean that in the best possible way. 

As you expect there is quite a tequila selection and sangria. Water and sangria are servered in house jar glasses to keep that casual feel. Refreshing and delicious!

Pork picadillo tamale (tamale filling changes periodically). This thing is the size of a brick! It is Mexican comfort food. Mild flavor yet balanced.  Crunchy peanut garnish.  holy tamale!

Halibut and grapefruit ceviche. Holy lime! Fish is tender and flavors are delicate but the lime is overkill. Share this with someone so you don’t get citrus burnout.

There is a selection of food on a stick naturally. I cannot recommend highly enough the quail.  Without question the best quail I’ve ever tasted. The grill flavor is superb as is the degree of doneness. Tender and satisfying. What a delightful surprise. Served over adobo spiced potatoes and grilled limes.  

Of course there is a taco assortment. Pork, seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian. I had the chili rubbed skirt steak dressed with pickled radishes and a light douse of queso fresco. Nice char flavor and light spice on the beef. Medium cook and nicely portioned on the flour tortillas (corn is an option).  The radishes lost their crunch but otherwise tasty yet not original tacos. I ate all three.


For your sweet tooth the flan is standard but dense creamy and delicious as flan should be.  


Inc Street Food is a great spot for casual flavorful eats.

delicious quail on a stick




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