Tin Drum. A review.

Tin Drum is an Asian fastish food chain. Quick light tasty food fast.

I popped into the Perimeter location over Memorial Day weekend for a nibble.

It’s an odd self-serve line that still wants tips for the crew. Self-order, self-check out? I’ll tip myself thanks. Visually the menu is all over the place and it’s easy to miss something that shouldn’t be missed.

Chicken curry rolls. Quite delightful. The filling was certainly an unusual texture. The yellow curried filling is beyond ground. It’s a fine dryish meal consistency but all together delicious. This isn’t gourmet mind you but it’s damn edible.  Not wet, not oily just satisfying. There is no heat. This is tamed down for American palate curry. Naturally a sweet chili side dipping sauce comes with it. I could have eaten 6.

I opted for two different Asian tacos. Blasphemous fusion. This is not a crispy corn taco; it’s a soft small flour taco. Thai chicken taco did not have a lot of flavor. Chicken nicely cooked and portioned lots of dark green chopped lettuce. The taste was just of chicken. No peanut, no soy, no lasting memory left.  I suspect a squirt of sriacha would have helped but I am grading on how it comes out from the kitchen vs. how it tastes after me, a diner, correct seasoning on something that should come out correct.

Teriyaki beef taco, now this is more like it. Tasty beef sliced and likely fried and tossed in teriyaki with a dark lettuce garnish, green onions and cilantro to balance it out. I am sorry I didn’t add wasabi cream as a garnish but it was quite good all on its own.

Don’t expect much service here. This is set up to be mainly self-service (aside from the food being delivered to your table after you order. You refill your own drink and you bus your own table.

Not remarkable but I will return no doubt as hunger and proximity find themselves together near Tin Drum.

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